Friday, January 08, 2021

Organized weight Loss

I am a paper girl.  I like to keep my notes and stats on paper.  Sure, I use apps on my computer but there is something about the good old fashioned paper routine that just is good for my soul.  It is what I best use for my personality.   I don’t even try to go a different route.  I keep track of everything with paper!

About  a month or two ago I even wrote about how I had gotten back to writing my to do list down and I was totally enjoying the results I was getting! I loved it!   But it was another notebook to keep track of!  

You are, I have a pile of notes books!  One notebook for the to do list, one for my personal life, one for my weight stats, one for this and one for that!  Notebooks notebooks everywhere!  It is insane!  

So I decided that one of my main goals to start the new year would be to streamline everything!  No more multiple notebooks...all in one!  I utilized the stats and notebooks of this past year to find the things that I liked and didn’t like and I bought a calendar/planner based on those past findings!  And this is what I got!!

Ahhh so ‘purty’!   But purty isn’t what is important.  It’s what is on the inside that counts right!

So my main calendar page has a place for my monthly measurements!  I can’t forget them if they are on that main page right???   I am purposefully keeping this calandra page clean and neat.  It includes birthdays and days off of work and other real life important things!   At the top right in the margins I have my mileage goal for my 2021 challenge!  I will keep track of my overall numbers there!  

But the next page is where the magic happens!!   This calendar had a to do list section for each day!   And it was broken into three distinct sections!  I love it because I can use it for different things I track!!!

The top section of each day will be my posts for here and YouTube and my other blog/site.  I can keep track of what is already scheduled and what days still need to be finished with one glance!  You can see that the day that I took the picture I had only written the post for my 2021 challenge to go live on January 1!   I still had to write my Monday weigh in post and my Wednesday post!  (Same for my YouTube!)

The middle section of each day is my to do list!   I need that Vistula reminder of what needs done and the satisfaction of crossing it off when I complete it!! (The picture was taken prior to the week!)

The bottom section is labeled tonight...but that section is for stats.  Right now the three main ones that I plan on doing is weight, steps/mileage and calories eaten!   I am going to add in a BP somewhere...but I haven’t figured out which day that will fall each week!

I am so excited about my organized ‘life’. I know that my weight loss is through my hard work and willpower  but I feel as if this new set up will help keep me on the right track and I’m ready to rock out this year!!!