Monday, March 25, 2019

First day of a short week!!!

It’s Monday!  Let’s get this show on the road!   I want to get the next four days over with!!!  Why?  Ahhhhh. A three day weekend...and we are heading to the sounds of the surf and the scent of salt air wafting over us!  Yup, we head to the beach for a three day soon as we get a few days of work under our belts!

My weekend was busy and relaxing all rolled into one.   We did our grocery shopping, visited family, ran errands, cleaned the house good (I’m talking windows and everything!) and went for a long bike ride! 

So let’s talk about the bike ride first.   We hit the canal.  Nice and mostly flat...relatively easy for my knees!    My knees did great while we rode.  Oh wait, maybe I just couldn’t feel the pain of my knees through the ache in my butt!   Yeah, my butt lost it’s comfort on the saddle will get accustomed to it again though!   But seriously, my knees did great on the ride!   My knees even did ok through the evening after the ride.  A bit achy...but pretty good!  However, my thighs that evening were not so great! Ouch!!!  Today they seem to be doing night of rest and those muscles are almost back to normal...but better for having been used!

I’m happy to see that my knees survived.  Because we ARE going to the beach for a few days.  When we go, we rode and walk a LOT!!!  (Well if we take our bikes we ride a lot!  And we are planning on having our bikes with us!).   Are my muscles and knees ready for this???  I know it will push me to my limits...but that’s ok!

My eating this weekend? Well it could have been better...but it wasn’t totally horrible!  Just not ‘great’.  Back to the work week, which is usually my strong time!   And I already know that next weekend will have indulgences!   Luckily next weekend will included lots of activity to offset those indulgences!

So long story short.  I held on by the skin of my teeth this weekend.  My weight has fluctuated within 1-2 pounds.  My food was so so...and activity...nailed it with my bike ride!!!!