Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Crazy weather

Yeah it's winter, I know that!   But darn it, I don't want it!!!!  I'm done with it.  D. O. N. E.     it's pretty.  I admit it.   I don't dispute that.  I'm just tired of taking my car out and braving ice, sleet, snow and what not!   Lets see last week I about slide off the road three times in a two mile stretch....snow.   Monday I spun my wheels trying to go up hills that had not yet been plowed in that same two mile commute.   Today I skidded around on ice.   But that's not the worst if this weather!!! The worst???   It's keeping me from running!!   Yes, it is!  It's canceling Zumba too!!  Monday was cancelled. I made it last night before the ice fest... I just found out tonight is on but I have to get groceries.  I only get groceries every two weeks so at the end of that two weeks it's slim pickings.   Friday/Saturday is grocery day...but alas,another  snow is measured in 'feet and not inches'.   The stores will be a mad house the closer we get to that tonight it is.  (I originally thought Zumba was cancelled so I made these plans before I saw it was  indeed on!)

So the snow is infringing upon my workouts!  I'm not happy with that!!!

The last few days I've been busy.   Doing what??   Pictures and I worked on a cd design for a band.   I'll post pictures soon.  In conjunction with that, I've decided to do what Todd's been telling me to do for a actually have an official website and Facebook page for my photography/ crafts.  So that has been on my mind.   

Yeah, life has been crazy!!   It's February and I haven't made any great achievements weight wise.   That's gotta change!  I have specific goals and some specific time constraints!!!!'s snow.........