Friday, March 24, 2017


I went running today.   I cut it was 37° and starting to rain.   Not a good combination.   I can handle one or the other..:not both.   Besides, time was running out.   It wasn't a spectacular run but it wasn't a bad one.

The biggest thing today is that I just feel blah. I don't know why.  I haven't felt this way in a very long time.  I don't like it!!

Even crazier?  Usually running throws me into a good 'high'

Oh well....

My 2017 in 2017 goal....and more specifically my goal for march to not run any deficit in my mileage update.

I am sitting at 119.07 miles (not including my 2.14 run miles from this morning).  That means I need 52.97 miles in 8 days.   That is 6.62 miles a day.   It's supposed to be nice this weekend and we are planning on having the bikes maybe....just maybe!!!! It will be close I think!!!!

And looking at the march goal page we may as well talk about the other goals right now....

20 running miles.    The snow messed me up for sure!!  (Yes that's an excuse!). I am at 13.29 miles.   I have to run 6.71 miles to make that goal. Yeah next week there is only one day of the week that I can run on the morning....that could put a damper on meeting that 20 miles...because I am so not ready to run a 6.71 mile run!!!!!

The 1800 or less calories a day...there were a few days that I was right at 1800 calories and only 4 days I went totally over!!!!  Not a win but not a total loss!!!