Monday, December 22, 2008


Read in Katschi's blog today that she is challenging herself. This is something that she wrote...

"I'm recommitting myself to strictness for the next 6 weeks while I'm off work. I think it builds character and I'm very curious to see how that kind of dedication pays off in weight loss results. Would you like to do this challenge with me? TOTAL commitment with NO EXCUSES accepted!!! The Boy is able to do this when he's in training mode. I so admire this strength of mind and would like to develop it in myself." It's informal ~ you're accountable only to yourself. If you're interested in pushing past your present limits you've set for yourself, I'd love to have you along for the ride.Ok, since it's the season, I'm giving a pass for Christmas Day and New Year's Eve but THAT'S IT!!! Even on those 2 days though, try and restrain yourself :)"

Sounds like a good plan to me....and since I'm trying to turn my 'trend' around.....perfect!


Yes, I was quite fearful to get on the scales. On Friday morning I weighed in at 198.6. I ate way too much food on Friday at that work Christmas party. (tis helped me get some things into perspective). But I was really nervous to step on those scales to see what the damage was. I knew I was going to be up. And I didn't have much wiggle room before I tipped the scales over that 200 mark. Quite nervous! But this morning I did it.....and the grand total was 197.4. WHEW! Moving down!!!

I have been doing much better the last few days. I will not lie and say that I am 100% on plan. I am eating within my points, but I feel as if I'm not getting all my veggies. That is my goal for this week!!! Oh yeah, and another goal for this week......start again with my multi-vitamin. I have fallen off the band wagon with that too!