Monday, August 04, 2014

Fake It

I think I need this hat.  Notice how it makes my face look thin. (thinner at least???)  And SEXY.....the bright orange animal print fur fabric is totally my thing!   And yes my outfit and demeanor or totally congruent together.  I mean...seriously..that hat...the peace sign....a Disney shirt with goofy (my favorite character) and an I love Lucy purse......AWESOME combination!!!!!  ha ha ha

I haven't figured out the solution to my weight loss woes yet.  I don't know that there is any big solution. I've pondered trying to make it fresh and new with a different tracking system, a while back (long while) I rejoined weight watchers, I switched meetings, I've challenged myself, I've set goals, I've made bets, I've joined weight loss groups and I've tried sending daily/weekly emails to accountability partners.  It's all to no avail.

I HAVE stopped the weight gain.  That's an awesome thing.  I'd rather be sitting in a holding pattern versus gaining.  However, I don't like myself at this weight.  I'm not happy with myself. I remember how awesome I felt at my lower weight and I want that again.  But I just can't seem to turn the ship around!

I don't have any solution.  I wish I did.

I do have a's simplistic really.  Fake it until I make it!  ha ha ha.  No, while that idea has merit, it's not my plan.

My utterly simplistic plan is easy.  It all revolves around one thing.  I need to TRACK my food.    I know for me that if I'm tracking I am more apt to stay somewhere relatively close to my projected caloric budget.   It's that simple really. if!

I do take comfort in knowing that I'm not the only one out there that is having the same issues of turning the ocean liner of weight loss/weight gain around.  I have lurked for quite some time on the blog of bitch cakes.....she stopped writing regularly (boo) but is still out there and still imparts a bit of wisdom and thoughts on occasion.   She posted yesterday.    I could TOTALLY feel her post.  I could totally get what she said.  It could have been written by me!   It is a common theme....

Sooooo if I could figure out the solution....I could be a millionaire!   Hmmmmmmm  Just a thought!

And just because........