Saturday, March 02, 2013

Ready and Waiting

As I regained the weight, I would just shove clothes toward the back of the closet.  At one point I bought bit 33 gallon bins and emptied the closet of everything that I could not wear.  I shoved those bins into the corners and along the wall of my walk in closet.  I ignored them, but knew that my 'thin' clothes were in them.  I decided to pull those bins out...sort out the clothes and repack them in a way that I can more readily access the clothes that I will need as I lose the weight. I decided that I would also not put the bins back into the closet...I would cart them to the library and sit them on the futon.  Easy Access for me to dig out what I need as I lose! (and it's not like we use that futon is a leftover from my husbands premarriage days and is slated to go to the dump this year).  I started unloading the closet...the bins must have multiplied.  I pulled out not one...not two...not three but seven bins shoved to the gills with clothes.   I was ready to sort.

What did I find?   I found that most of the tops were from my smaller I had gained weight I had gone to leaving the shirts open and using it camisols or teeshirts under them to extend the wear. Furthermoer, I really never weeded out the smaller shirts in the mid they are still in my drawers and in my closet.  (project for another day???)   I put all of those shirts/tops in boxes and carted them to the library.  All the pants and skirts I laid in stacks according to size.  I rebinned them small stuff going upward and stacked those crates in order of sizes so that the biggest sizes are on top.  I started a bin of 'too big' clothes...and left out some clothes that I can wear right now that I didn't realize.