Monday, March 27, 2017

Just maybe

The other day I wrote that I had something like 56 miles to put on my body in order to cover the march miles I needed for my yearly goal and to meet my monthly goal of not adding to the deficit of miles..  I was worried about it for sure.....56 miles inn something like 7 days was a tough act!   But something happened and while I don't have the actual figures yet....I may be in good shape to make this month's miles.

What happened?   A wee itty bitty trip to the beach. 


Yes I'm actually still at the beach....and that is why I don't have my exact figures.

We brought our bikes to the beach and on the first day we rode for 2.5 a 3 hours......probably about 15 miles (I have to estimate because we didn't clock I'm estimating low since we did stop to look at one or two things in that time!).   On top of that we walked about 5-6 miles too!   So around 20 miles on Saturday!    


It was overcast but we still got nice pink faces /sunburns in Saturday!  The weather was fabulous....teeshirt weather!!!! (Wish occasional bouts of needing a sweatshirt!)

Sunday temperatures were the polar opposite of Saturday....barely 40° degrees...windchill in the mid 30°'s ....windy...drizzly....not conducive to riding.  We were wearing winter coats.   We walked on the boardwalk(the original plan was to walk the length of the boardwalk) but quickly decided to give it up because it was so cold.  So we hit up the Lifesaving Museum....neither of us had ever been there.  It is in an old life saving station building that was beautifully restored and maintained and it has historic lifesaving artifacts and pieces of the history of the boardwalk.  I couldn't resist taking my picture with the creepy laughing lady that used to be in Jeater's funhouse in the early 1900's!
We were in North Ocean City for lunch so we drove by the Fenwick Lighthouse....closed for the season but apparently you can't go up in it anyway so we saw it and are markings it off of our 'been there together' list. 
We also drive over to Berlin, MD and hit up some antique stores. And walked through the visitor center at Assateague Island. We drove a bit on Assateague Island but only to the pay/entrance gates.   Of course we saw some of the wild horses.
We didn't pay to go in because it was getting was cold....and most importantly we plan on going back today, our last day at the beach.

So I woke up this morning to a sunrise...the picture doesn't do it justice.
The plan is to hit the boardwalk once again for one or two little things (yeah,junk food...Thrasher's French fries (a boardwalk style fry) and some Fishers Popcorn.  And then we are heading back to Assateague with our bikes.  We will park at the visitor center (which is before you enter the island) and hop on hr bikes.  We plan on exploring the island on our bikes.  One because it's a fun way to explore but secondly because bicycle and foot traffic supposedly enter for free versus paying $20!   Why should we drive past the gate, pay $20 hop on our bikes and ride around in the park AND ride the trail  to the visitor center and back when we can park outside of the park, ride the visitor center trail in, explore and then ride it back.   Change the order of exploration and we save twenty bucks!!!    We have bike locks so we can spend some time on the beach...or we will simply take our bikes with us (we are planning on washing the bikes on the way home anyway to rid them of all the salt that probably accumulated due to the salty air!)

So all of this to say that I've probably knocked close to 25 miles off of the 50-some needed and I'm sure to get 10-20 more today!!!  By golly I'm gonna do it!!!

Oh...eating hasn't been horrid but it's not been stellar!   I haven't entered my food intake into MyFitnessPal...I'll catch up tomorrow when I'm home and back in my normal routine.  

Oh and tomorrow is a run day!   There are some more miles too!!!!

And when I finished the post the sunrise was gorgeous!!!