Thursday, October 15, 2015

Challenge on

I'm going to share a story is the story of a friend of mine.  She lost weight before, back when I first lost my weight.   She did fantastically.  If you've read my blog for years, you might remember her, Julie.   I actually got to go out to visit her this summer.   She like me has struggled and has regained some weight.  She rejoined weight watchers and has been working diligently through the summer.  We talked quite a bit via email, text and in person when I was visiting (I am shamed to say we weren't exactly healthy in our eating choices when I visited).   She had a goal in mind.  She wanted to be a certain weight by the time she took her kids to Disney World in September.   She worked her butt off and did it!  She was under her goal by about 2-3 pounds.  Victory!   She came back and had actually held her weight loss....but then things started going south and she texted me yesterday to tell me that she is above that cut off weight.....yeah, it's one of those 'big' numbers that when you drop below you say "never again will I be above that weight!"     She texted me yesterday and we talked about it.  Immediately, I knew what the problem was.    Focus.  She had that Disney trip in her mind...she was single-mindedly focused on attaining her goal.   SHe did it...she went to Disney and had a great time and came back and floundered because her goal and her focus was gone.   We talked and I challenged her to a new goal.  A Christmas goal!   I vowed that I would weigh in and also set a Christmas goal.

Sooooo this morning I stepped on the scale, for the first time in about two weeks.  Luckily, I was still below that 5 pound vortex that had sucked me in a year ago and had only recently set me free.  But I know that it is just blind dumb luck that I didn't rise back into that weight range.  

So what is the plan????

I was 248.2 this morning.   I'm going ambitious.   Christmas is 10 weeks away.  25 pounds lost would put me at 223.2 pounds.  I'm rounding that to 225 pounds.

Here we go!!!!!!!