Friday, June 27, 2008

Drastic drop

WOO HOOOO! Man, I knew that sodium could wreak havoc...and I knew that the ick did the same thing...both in the name of water retention. BUT I've never been stupid enough to pair the two together. Until last weekend! Well, in defense of myself, I wasn't expecting the ick for another week. But, woah, my weight jumped up about 3 pounds! ANd nothing I could do would get it down. I admit that during that time I did snack a bit more than normal. BUT nothing out of control....and still right around my point range (using maybe one or two flex points per day). SOOOO this morning when I stepped on the scales and that weight was just magically GONE! Whew, what a relief! There is nothing more troubling than seeing your weight jump.

Morning ride is in....16.1 miles. I've been quite productive since my ride. I've sat and entered foods onto the fitday program. With my points that I currently get with weight watchers, I'm eating about 1300 calories. That is good. I'm happy with that. I'm curious though....because weight watchers will keep having me drop my points and I know that everything I've ever read says do not go below 1200 calories. So I want to keep a close eye on that! I've also sat down and created my menu for next weeks meals. I've checked the cabinets for what we have and made up the grocery list. AND while looking to see what we had, I cleaned and organized the cupboards! And I've still got an hour before I need to leave for work! WOO HOOOO!

On to other news. Todd told me last night that he went ahead and called the non-emergency police number yesterday. WHen I asked why, I flipped out! Turns out that he has been receiving calls from a guy that is insisting that Todd work with him. Now number one, he doesn't work with the type of music that this guy is into, for two he doesn't like that style and secondly the typical musicians in stereotypically in the genre are very disrespectful and just out of control. So he has turned the guy down and actually referred him to a recording studio that actually does work with that style of music. Well this guy has continued to insist and badger and apparently yesterday it came down to death threats!! WHAT????? Someone has made death threats against my husband????? They actually made some of the threats via email. Our only recourse at this time.....print the emails and notate everything and get it up to the police station to have on file in case this guy does something. OHhh yeah, I feel comforted! Yes, I know that most likely this kid (he is in his late teens early 20's) is blowing smoke and just threatening. However, there is no way to know for sure! Yeah, I"m not comforted. Ahhh life....isn't it grand?????