Monday, November 05, 2007

Evening musings

Todd and I did indeed go for a walk. It was nice and crisp outside. We walked for about 45 minutes. We decided to go to the battlefield. It was quite enjoyable. However it really made me start to think about all the time we wasted. We live in an area that is just overflowing with really neat places to walk and hike.....and we never really did it. Being on a path to a healthier life really has opened our eyes to new and exciting things!

Dinner was interesting. I tried a new recipe...someone online "RAVED" about it. It was called "Southwest Easy Oven Chicken" Yeah, it was easy. It wasn't bad. It just wasn't something that I'd rave about. I've not yet decided if it will be a 'return visit' meal. Most likely not. :-) Oh well... That's the joy of trying new things...sometimes they just don't hit our palate like it does others.

After dinner Todd had to work. I mosied into the bedroom. We don't have closets in our house (gasp's terrible...but old houses don't come equipped with the wonderful we put ONE in...but it's super crowded). THe lack of closets causes our dressers to be clogged and overstuffed. Often when I put the clean clothes away, I end up stacking them off to one side of the dresser or on top of the cd rack ....which I don't really worry about since most of my cd's are downloaded to my IPOD, which is what I use 99.9% of the time. So my mission tonight was to bring order to my clothes. Put everything away and make it nice and neat. My mission though was two-fold. I wanted to get the 'fat' stuff out. I do this periodically. I get rid of the stuff that is too big. SOOOO I tried on clothes tonight. I have my bag of stuff to ship up to mom's (for her to look at...then to pass on to Karla...and then on to the rescue mission). I also tried on a few things from my 'not quite yet' drawer/basket. Yep...some things fit I'm pretty darn excited!

I think Todd and I are going to hike some of the nature trails that we 'discovered' on the battlefield. We never knew about them...but low and behold, there they are! Ok, so we probably never noticed because we are usually on the North end of the battlefield and they are more on the south end....except when we are flying by on our bikes....and in which case we dont' stop to read the signs! haa haa haa! We made our discovery this summer...and we've been meaning to get out and go. Since tomorrow is my technically my off day from exercise, a nice hike would be a good option. (ok, so I'm nuts and still try to do something active on my off days).

Speaking of exercise....this past week...I exercised 5 out of 7 days. I had my off day....which I was ok with. YEs, I aim for working out 6 days a week. HOWEVER, on the one day we worked in our garden for 5 hours. We pulled the rest of the plants (what was left of them....), spread our summer compost (the compost we 'created' this summer) and tilled that in. Then we covered our garden with a fresh layer of straw. We also pulled what needed to be pulled from the flower, cleaned out the shed, did the garbage, etc etc etc. Man was my back sore when we were done! SO, even though it wasn't TECHNICALLY exercise, I think it was probably every bit as physically demanding as any formal exercise routine.

Today I just sat and looked at the post it notes stuck to my monitor. Yes, I have the normal to-do or 'remember this' post its (ok, only three). But the other ones are the ones that I really sat and looked at. One is a brief paragraph about my goals and my plan to achieve my goals. Another one is a post it that simply says "healthy weight range 132-164" That is my healthy weight range and what I'm aiming for. I don't know where I'll actually land..I only know that I'm aiming to land somewhere within that range. I do know that I've picked a number in my head...pretty much in the middle of the range as a mental figure. ONe of the other slips lists my weight on Oct. 30th (187) and then states my New Years Goal...which is 175 lbs. Don't know what made me really sit and look at those slips today..but it did make me really think about my goals and quite honestly what I need to do to get there.

Monday Morning

I have been able to keep that emotional eating under control. It's not as if I ate all the bad stuff that's at the house (I actually don't keep much bad stuff at the house....easy for me since my husband is also trying to lose weight). BUT my portions. At dinner, I ate TWO HUGE portions...QUICKLY! One portion was ok...but two was overboard. It just happened because I was upset while we ate and I shovelled and kept shovelling without thinking. :-)

We did our ride on Saturday. It was wonderful weather. I was comfortable in sweatpants, a tee shirt and a sweatshirt. Todd only wore sweatpants and a teeshirt. I had asked him if he needed a sweatshirt and he was like, "no...I'll be fine. Yeah, famous last words...he was cold! Regardless, it felt really good to be out on my bike! Fun activity!

We ended up going out to dinner.....for our weekly eat out. (ok, this week we'll end up eating out again....he has a board meeting to attend on I'll probably go out to lunch with mom and dad while he eats at the board meeting.) We got home and I putzed around the house for a bit...and was simply relaxing. I just felt like I needed to move. SOOO I got up and cleaned the living room and office. A BIG in I moved all the furniture cleaning.

Sunday morning I woke up and with the time change I had lots of time before church. I made pancakes for breakfast and then I spent a good deal of time in the kitchen organizing and cleaning that from top to bottom. (Yeah, I don't know what struck me...but it struck so I ran with it). I followed up my morning cleaning spree with 45 minutes of heavy exercise. It was a great workout!!! After church, Todd finished hanging the screen door (we had started it on Saturday but had to stop to do that ride....because we had committed to do it at a certain time). I ran and got water, and dropped some stuff in storage. Then we ran to town, went to Sam's and the grocery store. Got home, had dinner and relaxed the rest of the night. Oh yeah, I rode the exercise bike for a short time....15 minutes or so.

Set the alarm early this morning...and I resisted temptation. I didn't reset it when it went off. I got up and exercised for that hour! So I'm all exercised up for the day. However, I get off work at 3 today. Todd doesn't work until 6 tonight. SOOO we have a gap of time. I will need an hour or so to make dinner...which we want to eat at that still gives us 1 1/2 hours to go for a hike or something....which Todd wants to do!

My weight was a bit up today. I'm wondering if it is water. I had a bag of 100 cal pack chips...and I had sauerkraut (ok, I love sauerkraut...does that make me weird?????). Both of those things are really high sodium. I'm just determined to be good my sodium and all that because I want the scales to be nice to me for my official weigh in tomorrow night!