Sunday, October 24, 2021


I had a super productive week!   But…I didn’t set the world on fire with my weight loss efforts!

My productivity was out of this world.  I took care of my health insurance. I added Jason to this years policy…then took care of re-enrollment for next year (open enrollment period).  I ordered certified copies of our marriage certificate.  (Just got them in the mail, so I have to scan that and send that to my work so that they can see that Jason and I truly are married for the insurance).   I have started the process to change my name with social security. Once I get my new updated SS card I can move on to updating my drivers license.  (SS needs to be done and in the system for 48 hours before going to MVA).   I did all sorts of paperwork!  I also finally finished the crazy quilt top that I pieced last year! (I didn’t quilt this one)

I also then picked up a bin that I have been carting around for ohhhh…the last 25 years!   It has all the pieces cut for a double wedding ring quilt.   I had also started to piece it together.  But a double wedding ring pattern had lots of tiny pieces so it was slow going.  I pulled that out and I’ve been working on that.  I will be going through the whole process of hand quilting this one…so this is a LONG term project!

I also finished up and mailed my miniature dollhouse quilts that I made for a swap.  I honestly love making miniature quilts.  It just makes me happy.  (And it’s pretty quick going….I can usually finish one in a day or two…not the mo the of work in a full size quilt!)

So you can see how productive I was!  Crazy productive!  And I love that feeling!  But I failed at this week!

So let’s talk about what I didn’t do!

- I didn’t track one bite of food I ate!

- I didn’t ride the exercise bike even once!

Those two things are items that I know I need to do in order to be healthy and lose weight.  Yet I just ignored them!

I did try to cut down on my sweet treats!  I tried to get back to eating lots of veggies at lunch.   I tried to make sure I was eating a bit more nutritiously.  But overall, my efforts were lackluster and mostly missing!

it’s a new week….the perfect time to start over!!!