Saturday, April 09, 2011

Saturday weight was down about 3 pounds but then popped back up two pounds.  I'm still on the good side of where I was last Sunday, so I"m not too upset, but it is just disappointing.  I'm working my butt off and it's going so slow.  The weight just dropped off the last time.  ARRGGHHH

I have already been out jogging this morning.  I only went 1.5 miles (roughly)  becuase number one, even though my time doesn't show it, I jogged it (my jog is VERY SLOW) the whole time.....and secondly because I plan on going to zumba in about an hour.  Yeah, an hour of intense cardio.  WOOO HOOO.  :-)

I know that if I continue to workout like I have this week that the weight WILL come off.  I was looking in the mirror and while I don't know that a week is enough time to SEE a differnce, It seemed as if my body is already changing.  Just my first thought.  Who knows.....and I'm not going to spend too much time pondering it.  haa haa haa

Todd and I have some time off together next weekend.  We were originally talking about doing this and that.....lots of driving lots of sitting and lots of eating (and spending money).  We have instead decided to try to do more active things.  Bike rides on the western part of the canal and maybe on the eastern part also.  I've got to return to a more active lifestyle.  I know that activity is key to losing weight and KEEPING IT OFF!   I can do it!!!!!