Monday, December 21, 2020

Weigh in for the week

Oh dear...I am so running behind on today’s  post! And it is a weigh in day!!!    It is so hard to weigh in on Monday morning and then get a post up that day!   Hahahah. Ahh the stress!

So I am going to try weighing in on Sunday’s.  I like having the weekend mostly before my weigh in.  I honestly do think that it helps keep me from indulging too freely!   But it’s hard for me with my posts and YouTube videos.   The accountability from these two places is something that I rely on heavily!  I know from past experience, that when I am not posting on here...I tend to be going off the rails and gaining weight!  Yup,  not good!

So my official weigh in will be Sunday morning giving me all day Sunday to get my Monday weigh in post written but it still keeps me on track for most of the weekend!!!

So on to the weigh in!!!!

I lost!!!  Hip hip hurray!   I lost one pound.  Ok, I am only recouping my birthday gain!  But still...I am back where I was before my birthday gain!  That counts for something...right???

Now on to the week of Christmas!   I want to lose, but if I can maintain through aDecember I’ll be happy!!!!  That’s not too much to ask is it????