Sunday, July 30, 2006

The weekend has arrived

I should have known that if I didn't exercise yesterday morning that it wasn't gonna happen. I'm always beat on Saturday nights...after a full week of work. Especially yesterday.....we were slammed. For about two or three hours I barely had time to breathe. (Ok ok ok...that's when work is fun for me!) Todd and I went out to eat after work. I stayed on target with what I ate. Part of this is because I knew we were going to go out before I went to work and I was able to think about it and actually check on my calorie counter if it would fit into my daily plan. So I knew BEFORE I went what to order. But, when I got home....the house was hot and I just couldn't get the energy to go exercise!

Todd and I are talking about going to the gym today. We are also going to try to get a ride in on the exercise bike tomorrow! Getting re-motivated is so difficult!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Staying on Target

Well, yesterday I didn't exercise. I had every intention of riding my bike when I got home. BUt when I got home I wanted to clean the kitchen. So I decided to ride the exercise bike when I got done. Well, best laid intentions..... I didn't ride. I kept pushing it off because I was tired. Stupidly thinking I would do it later. However, when later came, I was more tired! I was planning on riding to work this morning but there is a chance of rain...arrggghhhh. And Todd and I are going out after work...which means I have to rely on getting myself on the exercise bike..LATE. I've got no choice. I need to make it no choice. I just have to do it...regardless!

Eating wise, I'm doing ok. Last night, I made chicken nuggets. (healthy version to boot) I also made Todd roasted potatoes. I did not eat even one slice of potato. I decided instead to have the healthy veggies in place of the potates. Today I've got a healthy meal planned for my lunch also! We'll see how it goes. It is so difficult to NOT eat when I am at work.....during the afternoon when the duldrums hit! It is plain and simple boredom eating that I struggle with at my job! (Course it isn't helped by the fact that I work around

But, so good.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Long time in coming

As has been shown in the recent, distantly spaced entries; I haven't been doing good. I KNEW what I needed to do, however my will power was totally gone. In doing that, I had no desire to write in this journal. In fact, this journal was something I didn't even think about! That's not good. It shows me how far from my plan I really was! Every once in a while I would think about losing weight...and I would wake up every morning with the good intentioned plan to 'do it', however as soon as something bad passed my lips (doughnuts, cake, etc etc etc) I gave up and made the vow that "tomorrow I would start".

A bad thing occured during this same slump. Summer came and with the garden (planting, weeding and harvesting....berries also) and my new job, it became much more difficult to go to the gym.

Thoughout that period of diet sluggishness I was maintaining my weight loss. That made me happy even throughout my disappointment in not losing more. We had a weigh in for the group of us that are trying to lose weight together. (However this group is not big on encouragement...basically we have a weigh in every few months......well, take that back...Suzy and I do a lot of encouragement) About a month ago we had our last weigh in. I weighed in at 221. I knew that this was very close to where I was about two months previously at that weigh in so I was happy. I didn't weigh myself for a few weeks. About a week and a half ago I weighed myself....I was up. I was up consistently for a few days. I also noted that I felt bloated and fat. It really scared me! SOOOOO This week, I've actually gotten off my butt. I've been on my bike every day this week. I've been watching what I eat. Within 3-4 days I have lost that bloated fat feeling...for the most part (as much as possible for someone that is overweight!) So I'm back on task. Now, to just stay there!