Sunday, April 06, 2014

Breakthrough bonanza

Homemade brownies.  Worth. Every. Bite.

Yes, homemade brownies for a movie time snack each night this weekend.  I'm not going to lie.  Chinese food.  Pasta.  Panera Bread bagel.  Diner Breakfast.   Hot Taco Dip.  Homemade turkey and cheese subs.  Cherry Slices (yeah, those gummy pieces of candy with the sugar coating the outside...YUMMY).  I made my choice and I ate.

The crazy thing is?  I have long bemoaned the concept of missing the old way of eating.  Missing the innocence  Well this weekend I ate more food than normal...yet still no where near what I used to eat.   My body is feeling sluggish and bloated from the food.  I am actually anxious to get back to a normal routine where I'm eating nutritious foods.

I think I needed a weekend of eating in something reminiscent of the 'old ways'.  I needed it to remind me what it used to be.  I needed it to show me that what I was missing is NOT what I want!   What?   A breakthrough????

So what is my plan?   I spent the afternoon (yes, on my actual anniversary) prepping my salad fixin's.  I cut up fruit and have a big bowl of fruit salad.  I'm READY!

So the big debate in my head is this.  Weigh myself tomorrow and face the music....or wait until my normal weigh in day on Friday.  Hmmmmmm