Thursday, February 07, 2013

Love hate relationship

I have a total love hate relationship with exercise.  I hate hate hate it.  Yes. I just said that. OK, maybe hate is too harsh of a word.   I dread it.  I wake up and think...."Drat, I have to exercise" (isn't drat such a fun word?)  I get dressed and drag my feet because I don't want to do it.  It makes me sweaty. It makes me tired.  When I had a membership at a gym I would try to talk myself out of going.  It is just not something I look forward to.  I do it because I know I have to do it.  Starting.....that is the hate part....of course.  

The love part?  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how I feel after I'm done and even while I'm doing it. I feel powerful.  I feel strong.  I feel happy.  I am on top of the world and I dare anyone to knock me off my perch! I came in today after another training run.  I hopped in the shower.  I was happy.  I was smiling.  I grinned at myself while I brushed my teeth. Hy eyes twinkled and danced.  I could see it.  I sang while I got dressed.  I was literally giddy with happiness.  Was it the exhilarating feeling of being outside?  Was it the self satisfaction of pushing my body and knowing that I'm doing something good for myself?  Was it a rush of exercise endorphins flowing through my body? Whatever it is, I don't care!   I love that feeling when I exercise in the carries into my day.  Yeah, my work tries to beat those good vibes out of my system...and yeah,  my co-workers think I'm nuts when I'm singing crazy tunes and literally dancing in my seat...but those vibes are in me and begging to be released!   Thank you exercise! (the picture of course was taken after my morning run...after my shower...while the endorphins were still running like crazy through my body......while I was still giddy and laughing at myself in the mirror. )

So you see....a love hate.  Hopefully some day my mind will catch up and I'll actually stop dreading what ends up making me feel so delightfully alive!  In the meantime. I'll keep scheduling my exercise and making myself do it and rest assured that I will get there!