Sunday, February 03, 2013

Take my breath away

This is the year that I am once and for all going to become a runner. OK, it's at least the year that I get this running of a 5K out of my system.  I participated in my first 5k, the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day.   I did it with Paula (left) and Terri (right) .   We did have bouts of jogging during that run.  But we walked a good bit of it (as evidenced by my time.  LOL)   It was fun and it got my feet wet.  I KNEW that my original goal of simply not being the last to cross the finish line in my division was not good enough to make me happy.  I wanted to actually RUN the whole thing.  I sat on that idea for a bit.  After all it was cold outside.  It's winter and I think I've already made it clear that I'm a bit of a wimp!!!!   But as you know I started the Couch to 5K program this week.  I even started it on a blustery cold as crap day.  Or so I thought.....

Yesterday I knew I had to get my run in.  I had a few motivating factors. Of course there is the March 23'd run coming up on me.  I also knew that my friend Sherry was doing the the same program that I am doing and I didn't want to fall behind her!   The video that I posted yesterday was also a huge motivator!   If he could do what he did, then I can overcome a little cold weather....a little discomfort!  So out I went.  It was getting dusky.  It was cold.  It was snowing all around me...swirling and making it beautiful.  (the path was clear)   The windchill was 15 degrees F...yes, I was outside running and walking in that kind of weather.  It amazed even me.  But while I was running I started thinking about this running thing and how I am handling it.  I thought back to the turkey trot.   I thought about how my first two runs had gone.  It was  startling discovery.   My legs were not the reason that I struggled.  I didn't struggle with running because my legs just couldn't move.  I struggled for a totally different reason.

I struggle with running because my breathing gets harsh and choppy.   I felt as if my chest were going to explode during the Turkey Trot.  My breathing was a mess and that breathing caused me to falter in my mission. It wasn't a lack of energy.  It wasn't a feeling of dead weight in my legs.  It was my breathing, through and through.    It was almost as if I started running and my mind realized it and I panicked and started to hyperventilate.    So yesterday,  I focused on my breathing.  Deep breathe in for 3-4 steps, then breathe out for 3-4 steps.  It worked!  I regulated my breathing and the time went by without my feeling like my chest was in dire straights.     As soon as I stopped my focus though, the choppy panicked breathing came back.   Focus focus focus.   I know that if I focus on my breathing that what I am REALLY doing is training myself how to breathe while I run.  I can do this!

Meanwhile, I will be signing up for the Keller Williams 5K which is on March 23rd of this year!!!!! (I'll be running for the north side...I like that course best..... in case you are nearby and want to join in the fun!)

This morning I hooked up with my partner in crime running, Sherry.   We did Day one of Week 2 together.  We have decided that early Sunday mornings will be our get together. In this way we can exercise AND have our weekly spill the beans and get stuff off our chests session.   It will keep us on target as we know that every Sunday morning we will be moving another week further in the training..and I for one certainly don't want to get left in the dust.  :-)   It was chilly again this morning.  It was Sherry's first experience running outside in the cold (and in fairness only my third).  She handled the cold  with great aplomb and realized the same thing that I did.....most of the fear of the cold is in our heads.  It really isn't that bad!

Took  a sneaky little peak at the scales.  If I can hold it together today....I'll be OK for my official weigh in tomorrow...even with that pop of weight yesterday.  :-)