Friday, June 10, 2016


I am sooo happy to announce that Panera Bread has brought back their summer menu!   

For me, that means the Strawberry chicken poppyseed salad!  It's always a sad sad day when it goes away for the fall....especially since nothing as good replaces it!!

I am trying to eat more fruits and veggies so this salad being one of my favs in terms of salad combinations is a welcome addition to have back!!!!

I am enjoying the increase of fruits and veggies.   Not every day is perfect yet...but I am actually enjoying the increase!   

I'm tired today!!!!!  I kept waking up last night....I fell right back to sleep but maybe that's the reason!   Who knows!  I'm not going to let it bother me.  I'm tough I'll power through!

On Wednesday I did get out on my lunch break and walked.   It was gorgeous....but a bit skirt wanted to fly!!!!    I usually walk a circuit around this little town....but on Wednesday I headed up the hill toward the cemeteries!  
Here is the old Lutheren Cemetery....
And the entrance to the Antietam National Cemetery...

 I had a purpose for going toward the cemeteries....A geocache of course! 

A nice mile and a half on my legs!

After work, Jason and I went to a local park and walked 3 more miles.   Being in the woods is just refreshing and rejuvenating!  (When I was married I hit the canal a lot for that same reason!)

Yesterday I ended up taking a sick day from work in order to drive my dad to Baltimore for a test at a hospital down there.   Since I had the morning off too...I ran 4.22 miles, mowed all the properties, trimmed some trees, Went to sam's club and did some laundry....all before leaving for the hospital in Baltimore at around lunchtime.    All in all I put 8 miles on my legs.   Not a bad day.

My weight is up a bit today.   Could be water retention or any number of things! Who knows.  I'm not going to worry about eating wasn't that far off yesterday!!!  (I ate 1634 calories but still had leftover 'earned calories left at the end of the day!)

Hoping to get some good walking and hiking in this weekend.   We don't know where yet....but if we have much say it will be some place pretty!!!