Monday, July 11, 2016

Hot off the......

Do berries picked off the bush and shoveled down my gullet count as calories?  I'm thinking no.  I mean, seriously....the work to pick the berries has got to negate the calories right?

Another week down.  I have no earthly clue how the scales are looking.   I can say that while I haven't eaten great, I haven't eaten horribly.  Have I had some calories over my low ball goal of 1200 a day?  Absolutely?   Have I most days earned calories to help offset the over expenditure?  Yes.   

Have I had some days where I was just HUNGRY?  Yes.  Saturday was like that.  I mowed early in the morning and the rest of the day I just had a hunger within me all day.  I tried to drink a lot of water, thinking that maybe I was thirsty and my body was misreading the signs....but was definitely hunger.   I did fairly well.....I indulged but I kept it pretty calories topped at 1789 (with earned calories netted in  it was 1500).   
Did I have days where I earned mad calories?  Yup....hiking and running...and both of those days my netted caloric intake was really low.

Time will tell if my weight was affected by my activity and my eating habits.

So.....Lets catch up from where I left off.....which sadly was when I updated last week about my weekly results and my previous weekend inFredericksburg and Point Lookout State Park.

On Wednesday, I got my butt up and out the door early.  I got a 2.31 mile run in. It was hot and humid!!!   On Thursday, I repeated the feat with a 2.67 mile run.  Luckily it was hot but the humidity wasn't as overwhelmingly horrible (at least at the time when I went out running...which was super early!)   

Friday when I got off work I did some geocaching.  It I got a little wet.  But I got about 2 miles of walking in....and found a lot of caches!

Saw some cool things like this old wrought iron fence

 And found some new trails to hike!

This weekend we headed south (Virginia seems to treat us well so we head to Virginia a lot it seems!)    We hit up a few geocaches and went to Leesylvania State Park where we hiked quite a few miles.   We have not been hiking as regularly (weather and health issues) and the 8.5 miles on Sunday really did a number on us.  Oh wasn't the was the heat!  It was the heat that wiped us out.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

We had a great hike.....we drank lots of water and the berries along the deserted trails were plentiful so we snacked quite a bit!  (Those are the calories that don't count!!!!  Right???)

The trails offered lots to make us happy.....

Pretty views of the Potomac River

Nice trails

Old ruins 

Remains of Civil War Fort 

Lots of colorful fungus on the trails

And a wee little snake that turned around in fear and high-tailed it away from us! (ok, maybe not wee little...but nothing huge!)

I was planning on running this morning...but I just couldn't do it.  Even the alarm going off at 6AMwas too much....I usually am awake before the I hit the snooze button 3 times and walked around the house like a zombie, even as I was walking out the door to go to work......a run......just not in the books this morning!

So what's on tap for this upcoming week?  I'm planning on trying to clean up my eating just a bit more.......running a few more times....walks.....maybe a mid-week hike and just moving forward one day at a time!