Monday, August 06, 2012

Living the Fast life.

A few years ago, Todd and I decided that we didn't want fast food in our lives.  At first it was rough because fast food restaurants are so convienent, quick and cheap.  But after an occaisional craving we learned to live without it and never really even gave McDonald's or it's counterparts a second glance. We were not watching our finances as closely then as we are now, so I don't really recall the switch being a big shock for us financially (plus we never ate exclusively at fast food was occasional). 

I have read the articles about fast food and it's relation to obesity.  I've also seen the articles that correlate fast food to the rise of obesity.  Fast food driven obesity you may call it I guess.  I always agreed, but it wasn't until yesterday that I realized exactly how much.  I went to hang out with my family yesterday.  My brother and his wife give in to the kids and they eat at McDonalds every's their tradition.  So I tagged along.  I ordered a McChicken sandwich, a small fry and a large drink.    I blew  over 600 calories on that meal.  Almost half of my daily budget for calories (I aim for 1300 calories).  Doable, but throws things out of whack and you have to be near PERFECT with your eating the rest of the day.

But the lesson to be learned is not how many calories I ate.  I feel as if I actually chose well and was actually ok with my calorie expenditure.   No, lets look at the financial expenditure.

The drink....$1......the sandwich, $1....and the small fry, $1.19.   I spend $3.19 for my meal. (true dollar menu's actually cheaper to order off the dollar menu in that case apparently)   Really?   Where else can I eat for that little?   $3.19???????    It is tempting to go back....I can't eat anywhere...except the soup kitchen for that little.  True there is little or no nutritional value  but hell, a full belly for $3.19.  No wonder people continue to flock to the place (ok so the food is also a bit addicting)'s affordable in our economically depressed age.   The cheap prices draw people in.......and they are eating WAY TOO MANY Calories.  Becuase lets face many people go in and actually order the McChicken Sandwich and a SMALL fry?????


Thursday, August 02, 2012

SIngle minded

I've started rereading through this journal.  It has been interesting.  I have looked back at my initial weight loss with rose colored glasses.  I have thought and said about how easy it was.  It wasn't.  I was more focused. I was single minded in my focus.  I was so single minded in my focus that I had family members worried about me.  I knew what I wanted and I was determined that come hell or high water I was getting there.   I need that single minded focus back.  I need to focus on this weight and nothing else. Let the trees fall around me....I see only my weight loss efforts.  If it's important, it will still be there when I come through the trees on the other side.

One other thing I'm picking up is those first feelings that I encountered and worked through as I accepted the fact that I was fat and that I needed some help.

Some of the reading is dull and's me rambling about what i ate, how I was working through situations that popped up.  My attempts to start a regime of exercise.  But it is rekindling that feeling of hope, that feeling of excitement within me.

Today I walked with Sherry I from over at TwoGirlsMamma. It was good for me. It was good to talk and walk with my friend of course.  But it renewed me on my journey.  I can do this.  I can do this with a single minded focus (she remembers that single minded focus I had back then. I can do this without deprivation to myself.  I can do this by modifying small things within my life.  I CAN DO THIS.

You didn't hear me?????   I CAN DO THIS!