Thursday, June 24, 2021

Back to Normal

Back to normal…but what is normal?  

As masks become a thing of the past and life goes back to normal, or rather the new normal I sit back and watch.  I wish the 6 foot edict would remain.  I find myself walking through crowded places and cringing when people get close and jostle me in their closeness!  Why can’t the new normal include social distancing!

But that is not the normal of which I speak. I wrote about the normal of every day life.   For the first time since life went crazy..horrible…off kilter two weeks ago, Jason and I both went to work.  I started off these two weeks strong and maintained my calorie goals.  I was not going to let life throw me off track.   I did really good for the first 4-5 days.  And then I went up in flames.  Spectacularly!   

I grew up in the old ‘food brings comfort’ mentality.  You feed people …it’s part of the love language for my family.  So I fed myself and in particular, I fed Jason. I fired up the mixer and turned on the oven and baked…a few times!

I had donuts, edible cookie dough (chocolate chip cookie dough) , potato chips, fresh made cookie dough and of course the baked cookies  (snickerdoodle), brownies (salted caramel brownies).   It was ugly. 
Luckily my weight is in the same 2-3 pound weight range.  But with going back to ‘normal’ I plan on returning to a more normal routine with eating.  I don’t need sweet treats every night.  I may want them.  But I don’t need them.   I don’t need to bake some delicious dessert/snack. I may want to…but it’s not necessary.   

So I am returning back to the original plan from two weeks ago.
I will be tracking my food. Getting my exercise.  Keeping my calories closer to 1200-1300 each day.  I will be adopting the attitude that this is only for 4 weeks. (I’m only committing to four weeks…I’ll reevaluate my plans at the end of four weeks….or more likely forget that it was only for four weeks and keep going.).   This can not be a maybe…life is returning to ‘normal’ and it’s time to focus on my health.

The new normal…healthy living has commenced!!!