Monday, April 21, 2008


I haven't weighed myself since last Tuesday morning. I've just stayed away. I know that I said taht i was goign to 'ignore the scales so that I wouldn't obsess. BUT, I'll be the first to admit that I ignored the scales mainly because of the fact that while I felt as if while I haven't been way off base...I haven't been all that great in my eating. NOr have I been exercising because of the sinus thing. But I wanted to know how bad it was. So this morning I stepped on. I about fell right back off the scales. 183.2! WOO HOOOO! I couldn't remember what my 'home' weight was last Tuesday. So I just went back and reread last weeks Tuesday didn't give the exact weight (probably because I couldn't remember the fraction of the pound when i went to write my entry) but it did say slightly over 185. That's 2 pounds! Hot diggity dog diggity!

Sucks though. I had about two days of my sinus' not draining. I woke up this morning and they are draining big time again. No congestion. Just that miserable draining! I guess I shouldn't complain...because the draining is just annoying....nothing like having the whole shebang happening.

I was talking to a friend last night. We were talking about eating and my issues with food. When I stated my reasons out loud again for why I wanted to lose weight in the first place, it really hit home. My bad eating was goign to kill me. Plain and simple. I also admitted that I'm just really scared about gaining the weight back. I mean, I slipped and gained back 10 pounds in the last few months.....ouch!

Meanwhile, I need to buckle down. Power through this and just get this weight off! Stop dilly dallying around with my time. Why am I sitting on the fence post with my weight. I either need to be doing it....or not doing it. None of this 'kinda sorta' stuff. I just need to say, I'm doing it. Focus all my energy and attention on the weight loss and run with it!

Well...I have my minimum of 25 miles each week as my goal. I'm running my week from Wednesday through the following Tuesday. (basically to match my weight watchers week...just to keep things simple). I woke up yesterday morning.....with NO miles logged for the week. I am proud to say that at the end of the day I have logged 17.3 miles. That means if I ride for 30 minutes today and thirty tomorrow, that I'll reach my goal for the week. Nope..I don't like to squeeze it all into three days. But it's better than nothing! :-) Exercise wise...I need to get back into the videos. I do feel as if they are a good thing for me. I know that I need to start working with some weights...and sculpting a bit. :-)

Yesterday morning woke up the sound of the wind ripping and the rain pouring down on the house. It alternately poured and drizzled all day. Utterly miserable. Well, I wasn't miserable..I stayed safely esconced in my house...all nice and dry! :-) We got over 3 inches of rain yesterday. SOOOOO I was hoping to see the sun......nope, it was drizzling when I woke up and left the house...but we've already had a downpour since I've been here at work....and now it's just raining steadily! ARRGGHHHHHH I had wanted to get outside and continue painting the outside of the house (I started on Saturday. I figure that instead of waiting for an unobstructed day to paint...I can chip away and do a bit here and a bit there over the next few weeks and then it will be done)...but it doesn't look as if that will be happening today. Hopefully though it will dry out by Wednesday so that Todd and I can get out with our new chipper and work on the piles of wood. :-) Not to mentiont to test the chipper to see if it works! The third time is hopefully the charm on this one! :-)