Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Talking to some of my zumba girls last night after our class and I mentioned that me legs felt heavy.  Just heavy.  I didn't have the umphf last night.  Nothing hurt...but I just felt weighted down.  Well, this morning....yeah, I hurt.  Not sure why.  We did do a whole bunch of different songs, so I could have been using my muscles slightly differently than normal.  But I think it goes back to the beginnings of  my training.  My knees are sore and my shins are sore.  Is it going to stop me?   Heck no!   I had already decided to not go to zumba tonight.  When I decided to do two nights of Zumba a week, I had made the commitment to do every Tuesday night....and Wednesdays when I could....depending on my husbands schedule.  Up until now, it's not been bad.  Yeah, he may be off on Tuesday and Wednesday nights...but as long as he had off another night close by...well, I've not worried about it.  So this week....well, I haven't had an evening (or day for that matter) with my husband since a week ago this past Monday....and the upcoming schedule isn't looking much better.  Literally I'm usually asleep when he gets home...and he's asleep when I wake up.  If we are awake at the same of us is groggy and ready to fall asleep or having just awoken.  Soooo I'm skipping zumba tonight.

I'm starting to worry about mental capacity.  I don't think I'm as sharp as I used to be.  I don't know if it's becuase I'm working a job that really doesn't require me to use much brain power or if I'm simply getting old or if there is some defieciency in my diet or life that is causing me to feel sluggish mentally.  Whatever it is...I'm kinda worried about it. 

My weight....227 and some change this morning.  So slighly better than Monday.  That's what I like to see...progress.