Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ready for the snow

Mondell Road, originally uploaded by mfcstotler.

From what they are saying, it's not a question of if we are getting a snow. It's a definite. The last I heard, they were saying at least 2 feet of snow. Sooo my house is stocked with food. Yes, it was stocked before, but I'm double stocked now!!! Ok, I'm not one of these to go shopping because a snow is coming. This weekend is my normal shopping trip weekend (I grocery shop every two weeks).

I've been lax the last few days with my riding. I only need 7-8 miles though to reach my weekly goal. I have I plan on riding to get at least that!!!

My weight is dropping! Today I was very pleased to see my weight! WOO HOOO! I've been very good with my eating. So while my exercise went lax, my eating got under control. It's almost as if i'm on a see-saw and one is up and one is down. I need balance!