Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Core-Day 2

View from the Tower at the Antitam National Battlefield 11-14-07
What a lovely day for a hike. Todd and I woke up and mosied around. I made Spanish Omelets and Canadian Bacon for the two of us. I added toast for Todd. However, I refrained from having toast, as it is not on the core list of foods. It was a nice hearty breakfast and set us up for a wonderful experience outdoors. We checked our email accounts and did a few errends around the house and at about 9AM we were headed out the door. We didn't get far...and had to turn back....We couldn't remember if the stove had been turned off AND I had forgotten to put my cell phone in the backpack. Yeppers, the stove was off. Off we headed again. This time, we got down the main pike and onto the battlefield road. We were looking at our house from an angle that we don't see often and noticed the farm dog standing on the edge of the pike (busy road) staring at us. DARN! So....we started back. Luckily, when we moved out of his site, he mosied back up to lane and to the house.....Off we started again. We walked up roads, down roads, by monuments and waysides. We did climb the tower that stands sentinel at the end of Bloody Lane. From there we got the shot from above. Onward we went! Up hills and down hills we went. It was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect. We both wore jeans, tee-shirts and a sweatshirt. At the beginning of the walk, we needed the sweatshirt...but by the time we got around to Sharpsburg....3 hours later (ok, so we were technically never out of sharpsburg....we started on the North end...about 2 miles out....went out about 1-2 miles east of sharpsburg and ended up about 2 miles south of sharpsburg....then back into Sharpsburg. Anyway, by the time we marched into Sharpsburg, we had our sweatshirts tied around our waists. We stopped at the deli and had a delightful meal with Sallie and Amanda. The conversation was pleasant and as much appreciated, since I had seen neither of these two ladies in a while. We stopped at the bank to make a deposit picked up the mail from our PO Box and then we walked the two miles home. I won't feet were sore. We were just shy of 20K steps when we finally traipsed up our lane.

Core! So far so good. I made Core Spanish Omelets for breakfast...and Like I said earlier...I didn't have any toast with them! For me that is HUGE! But, I really do want to give Core a real chance! For lunch at the deli I ate a salad topped with chicken salad. I did dip into my flex points for the chicken salad....6 points (per the ingredient list....helps to know the can get exact calculations). I also splurged and had a Diet Pepsi. My usual rule is nothing other than water until AFTER the 64 ounces are down the hatch. I had drank a bottle of water while hiking...and I'd had two large 16 ounce glasses of water with breakfast, so I know I wasn't actually doing too badly! I guess I could actually use some of my many activity points that I earned today to cover my lunch. However, I'm going to simply count them. I plan on being strict this week while I'm on core...and that seems a bit like cheating!

The weight was still up today...but the ick hopefully in a few days the weight will drop again!

Mr. Bibbs 11-14-07
After we got home we worked to take the garbage down the lane. Yes, it is a two man job. One person to take the garbage down the lane...the other to make sure our 'friends' do not follow down to the main road. SO...I got the lovely job of playing with our batch of kittens. My favorite, Mr. Bibb's posed so perfectly for a picture that I couldn't resist snaping a shot off! Mr. Bibbs and his two brothers are both is their mother, still practically a kitten herself! Why oh why do people think that animals are expendable...and thereby drop them off on the side of the road (Yes, this mother cat was dropped off, we assume when her previous owners figured out she was pregnant...and it is obvious that she was a domesticated cate!)
Hopefully we can find homes for them!!!! Meanwhile, they have our hearts!

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