Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A deficit of Success

Adjust your dial, changes are a coming!!!!!!

 As I alluded to in my last post, my May month goals didn't go over well.  I didn't make my 2017 mileage.  I didn't make my running mileage, I didn't lose weight, I didn't track!

So moving on!

I have thought about my monthly goals for sure.....and this month I am breaking it down....

1.  Water consumption-drink it....drink a lot of it
2.  Track my food- it doesn't matter what...just track it...every bite!
3.  Move...stop being a slug and blaming rain and sore bones ...move!!!!

If you notice I'm not setting any goals of "you will do this 5 times a week" or whatever.     I'm starting from a deficit of success and I just need to give myself some success.  If I set a number in my head of how often, I am simply setting myself up for failure.  My challenge is simply to do those things as much as I can.  Do it so that I feel I was successful.

To track my progress, I will be adding either stickers or colored areas to my mileage calendar. (I want stickers...but that means I have to get to the store in the morning before I may default to colored pencils and my own color coded coloring!

This is the simple success plan! is stressful and getting worse!!!!!

I am not giving up on the mileage challenge of 2017 miles in 2017....but I am going to ease up my focus on it for a bit.  I need to get everything in line...not just my mileage!!!!!