Sunday, September 17, 2006

Snuck a peek!

I know, I know, I know. I need to stop obsessing about the scales! I was doing pretty good there for a while, not checking at home. But I took a sneak peek the other day and didn't see much of a change, although as I mentioned earlier it was pretty close to my WI. I got on the scales this morning and although I'm not going to break out the party balloons or anything...I THINK I may be dropping. Woo hooo. It's so difficult to tell on my scales. Whether it's the scales fault or the old uneven floors in my house, who knows!

I've been pretty consistent with working out. I'm proud of myself. I purposely didn't exercise on Saturday. I decided to take that as off. But, I've been working out about 45 minutes a day. Some nights it kicks my butt though. I'm trying to shake it up and do varied exercises and routines. Not just always the gym...or always on my bike. Lately I've been doing a lot of exercise DVD's. My favorites right now is one Step Aerobics, The Biggest Loser Workout, and The new Weight Watchers Workout DVD (I really like the Cardio Dance). I can't wait to get to the post office tomorrow though..because I bought the XBOX game Dance Dance Revolution and two floor control pads. It always looks like fun when you see the game in the arcades. And when you see these kids playing it, they have worked up a sweat. I have a friend that bought it and confirmed that it can be a pretty good I bought it. I can't wait! :-) The other thing I'm anxiously awaiting is my exercise DVD...80's's a Richard Simmons DVD....woo hooo! :-)

I'm very excited about "the Biggest Loser" season starting this Wednesday night! I know when I was able to watch it last season, it helped me stay motivated! Motivation is something I need to keep going!