Monday, May 21, 2012

Ok, I actively decided to take Saturday as a 'day of rest' and not weigh and just eat normally. That turned into two days. Holy Hell. Last night for dinner I had frozen yogurt and doritos. (WTF?....but it was yummy).

My weight today..... up!   In defense....the monthly scourge...the ever reoccuring monthly ick is upon me. (which affects my weight) andI did also drink near next to nothing yesterday. But Those are excuses (they may be valid) but I'm just going to say my eating did it and refocus. GRRRRRR

So my victories for the weekened?  Well I can say that I had that frozen yogurt and the doritos and I stopped there.  But my major victory?  We went to breakfast on Sunday morning.  I wanted pancakes and also home fries.  My normal behavior would have been to order a stack of pancakes and the side of home fries.  I ordered a SINGLE pancake and the home fries.  And I felt fantastic.  I was in control and I wasn't stuffed!  That is a true victory!

Rode my bike 21 miles on Saturday afternoon.  The last two miles pert near killed me.  OK, I wasn't near death....but I just wanted that ride to be over during those last two miles.  I made it back to the car perfectly safe and sound.  I was happy becuase my foot doesn't hurt when I ride.  My foot really is only bothered by activities that have any kind of impact.  I can do light walking....for a short period of time.  Any length of walking and the repetative impact gets it to aching.  Zumba...well, we don't talk about what that makes my foot feel like....more on zumba later....  So I made it to my car.  I was tired but I felt good.  I lifted my bike up to the top of my car.  I thought the bike was seated in the mount so that I could let go.  I was wrong. The bike started to fall over on top of me.  I did what anyone would naturally do.  I reached up to grab it and to protect my body from the falling bike.  As best I can pinky was pushed back against the top side of my hand...(very unnatural position, I garauntee you).  So my pinky is all swollen and I can barely move it.  And when I do move it pain shoots through my hand and up my arm.  JOYOUS.   I think it's a bit better hopefully it will heal on it's own.

Zumba....I know that my foot aches from the pounding impact.  I know that whatever this injury to my foot is, is not helped by Zumba.  But I so don't want to give it up.  Zumba to me is a release. It has somehow morphed into something more than just an hour of exercise.  It's almost like I need it for my 'mental well being' or something.   That is why I go...even though i know that my foot will ache during and afterward. 

I've tried to take a few weeks off and not do the impact....but it just doesn't seem to help.  SOOOOO  After my vacation, I'm goign to go to the doctor.  (not goign before...hell if he's putting me on crutches before my vacation!)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Healthy video games

Last night we went for a bike ride.  We made it about 6-7 miles.  It kicked our butts.  Hopefully the muscle memory is quick!    We are going out again tonight.  I get off at 6.  (ok ok ok, I had to convince Todd to go with me by promising  him that I would take him out to eat...using my personal allowance/stipend money....not out of the general budget)  I'm really trying to change try to be more active.  It's difficult.  I typically wake up at 6 or 6:30 and for months I've laid in bed and read or played on my phone for hours.....dragging myself out of bed at the last minute.  The last few mornings I've woken up and laid for maybe 5-10 minutes and then jumped out of bed and started my day.  I've had time to cook, clean, do some laundry and other fun stuff.  This morning I even found time to play the Kinect for an hour.   The only problem...i'm so awake and alive and refreshed...and then I come to work and it's so slow in here that my energy level just falls away!

So I was playing the Kinect this morning and I got to thinking about the Kinect and it's counterpart the WiiFit.  I was playing....and I'll admit I was more active than I would have been had I been sitting on my butt with my laptop.  But would you really call that a workout?  Are these types of games doing the American public and injustice in making people think that they are 'working out' when they play these games???    Are we lulling our obesity driven culture into thinking that something is 'healthy for us'.   Oh heavens, that brings up the issue of 'health foods'  Our culture thinks that they are eating healthy ...when they eat some of these healthy foods....and while they ARE still requires moderation.   (For example its  the mentality...ohhh I bought the low fat oreos, so that means I can eat them...or even eat more....that's erroneous, they still need to be eaten in moderation)

It's better than I'm not gonna knock it.  BUT that said, I'm not going to count that as my sole form of exercise. :-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A rebirth of my spirit

I'm having a huge debate in my head right now.  A few years ago I rode in a couple bike events with my good friend Donna.  I kinda gained weight (kinda.....hardy har har....I DID) and stopped riding as much. My discipline just flew out the window.  This winter Todd and I were in Lancaster County and talked about how much fun we had riding in the Pedal To Preserve.  So I came home and did what any normal sane person would do. I went home, searched it out and registered for the ride (actually I registered BOTH of us).  I had grand plans.  I was going to start riding as soon as the weather was nice and I was all set.  We had GORGEOUS weather this late winter early spring.  And I rode exactly 3 times...maybe 4.  So now, I find myself 2.5 weeks from "Pedal" and low and behold I'm not ready.  Todd is determined that he could push through with no training.  Me....I'm not so sure, call me a wimp if you must.  Sooooooo I am embarking upon a 2.5 week effort to be ready to ride. I only have to make it 20 miles. (I thought it was 25, but upon researching it a few minutes ago, I discovered it is a 20 mile ride).

Zumba last night wasn't nearly as brutal.   I drank a ton and kept drinking throughout the whole hour but by the final two songs I was DREAMING about how good my nice cold pitcher of Crystal Light was going to taste when I got home!  (and it did taste spectacular).  Speaking of Crystal Light.  Has anyone tried the flavor Pomtini?????   I just did my research.  I bought Crystal Light's flavor Pomtini a while back. It is my all time favorite flavor.  I've looked for it every time I go into the store and see appletini, margarita and mojito and other flavors but never the Pomtini.  Why?  So I looked it up online.  I was saddened by what I found.   Pomtini was only for a limited time....March through April.  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  Feel free to go onto their website and send them a contact suggestion begging for Pomtini to be brought back.  I would be eternally grateful as I am down to one little packet left. (ok maybe not eternally....but wildly appreciative)

Ok, that last paragraph went on a big time tangent.

What's up with the Crystal Light fanaticism?  Well about two months ago I gave up diet soda. (well I've had one here and there...I think maybe twice in that two months).  I drink my water all day.  And then in the evening I 'treat myself' to Crystal light.  It actually works out really good.  For some reason drinking water at night just doesn't happen for me.  But the Crystal light is just perfect.

My weight isn't dropping...but I'm not gaining.  I'm just holding steady.  I'll take that.  My body is just not giving it up.  But I know that when it regulates itself off of whatever wildness that it is experiencing that the weight will drop.  I'm doing the right things. I'm being more active and I'm eating healthy. The results WILL catch up to my efforts.

Even more importantly I think I'm having a rebirth of my spirit.  For the longest time I've basically just existed. I've done the bare minimum around the house.  It's been a struggle to get that done too.  But the last few weeks I've been WANTING to spread my wings and take the time to make the homemade breads and the homemade snacks.  I've been wanting to do that stuff.  It's almost like I'm being reborn.   I don't know what has brought this about.  I'm afraid to blink...afraid that it will go away if I do.  I still have all the stress and depression in my life....but I'm really trying to not let it affect ME.  And maybe that's the whole difference.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Last night zumba was brutal.  My feet ached my body was sluggish and I just wanted it to be OVER.  I was determined to push my way through.  However, I will not lie and say that I dreamed of being done.  A co-zumba girl/friend recognized my struggle and moved up to be my wingman.  Her presence and smile helped push me through it.   However, her presence kinda got me in trouble.  About two songs from the end I looked at her and said "Sexy Mama" (we joke around a lot like that...and laugh about pinching each others butts and all kinds of stuff.  It's all good, we both REALLY like boys but it's just fun).  So anyway, I turn toward her and go "Sexy Mama" during a hip rotation in the song.  She didn't hear me...however the gal standing next to me did.  And the rest of the night, that gal looked at me smiling and grinning at me.  Ohhh heavens!  LOL

I'm in a better state of mind today.  Things are still weighing me down, but I'm trying to do things to follow my dreams.  I don't need the approval of anyone other than myself.  I don't need the support either.  I just need to do what I need to do for ME.

My weight was down today.  Don't know how...but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth!!!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012


I've been struggling the last two weeks. I've never been more than 100-200 calories above my goal (I'm aiming for 1300 calories) but somewhere about two weeks ago, I stopped losing.  It happened right about the time that the monthly scourge hit me....a week and a half early might I add.  So is it something within my female cycle that is all out of whack?  Who knows.    A plateau already?  Seriously?  I know the last few days I've become more lax about my eating.  It becomes a bit of a fatalistic attitude.  Why bother if the scales aren't going to show the results.  But I know that's wrong.  I know that the results will come along if I continue.  So continue I will.......

Zumba tonight........

I have set a goal.  I love to write and would love to actually follow that dream down the line.  (there, I said one of my deep dark secrets out loud).  I lack while I have some great ideas floating around in my head, I lack the discipline needed to sit down EVERY DAY and order to have a novel the books....down on paper.  So I have set a goal. 1000 words EVERY DAY.  I have a tracker on my phone. (I wish the tracker would remind me if I didn't do it....hmmmm maybe I should look for a different version).  I have been writing every day.  Right now I'm just writing some fun works and some fun pieces.  Just getting myself into the practice of sitting down and doing it every day.  We'll see.

Sometimes I wished that i wasn't a dabbler.  I dabble in so many things.  Photography, writing, name it.  I dabble.  I am told that I do a fair job at whatever I put my mind to.  I've been told that my photography is really good, that I have the 'eye' for it.  I've been told that my writing is good that I can tell a story and the reader is drawn in and invested in the story that I'm telling.  I've received praises for my quilts, rugs, cross stitch pieces, and other various crafts.  I'm not complaining...but seriously, wouldn't it be nice to be just spectacular at one thing in your life.  To be able to do one thing so spectacularly that you are successful at it?????

Am I dabbling at weight loss?