Monday, July 12, 2021

12 Week Challenge Weigh In Two

Here we are on another Monday morning.   The weekend is gone.  (Boo). The workweek is starting.(Say it ain’t so). My weekly weigh in has come and now it is time to share my week two results.

After last weeks successful results, I headed into this week strong and determined to rock out this week also and to have another nice weigh in.  I knew I could do it. I had a single minded focused.  I was determined!

I had it in the bag, right?    However, early on in the week (like for the first 4 or 5 days) I started to struggle. I surprisingly did not struggle with my motivation, I stayed firm and strong in my convictions and actions. But those numbers on the scale just fluctuated wildly like a pendulum swinging out of control.  It was frustrating and was infuriating.  I didn’t let it get to me!  I stayed strong and I did not deviate from my plan.  I continued on with my plan with little or no deviation.

The weekend came.  I continued onward.  I was so tempted to give up my weekly sweet treat.  But I wanted it and I know (from past experience) that giving it up totally is not a good idea for me because I will eventually cave and it will be in the most spectacular way…..and not in a good way for my weight loss efforts.  I carried on exactly as normal.  I tried to keep my calories low but actually had two days where my calories were up by about 200-300 calories. My weekend weights were looking slightly better, but I was waiting for the shoe to drop. I honestly went to bed on Sunday night and told my self that a gain was expected and that it was ok.  As I was getting ready for bed that night I actually looked on the mirror and said, ‘It’s ok if you gain.  You are eating healthy foods, you are eating in a calorie zone that will have to bring weight loss eventually and you are being physically active so your body is toning up and getting stronger.  Even if the scales don’t show the results, you are on the right path!”

I didn’t want to step on the scales this morning. But I did.  I lost exactly 3 pounds!  I was shocked.  The first time I stepped on the scales it showed me 4 pounds actually.  But, I had been standing on the scales weirdly (more forward than normal) so I weighed myself a second time.  And that showed the pound higher.   I weighed a third time and vowed that I would take whichever weight I received twice (or take the average if I got three different weights)   But I got the exact three pound loss two times in a row (when I was standing on the scales correctly).  Sold!   Sure I would have liked the 4 pounds more, but the three pounds is the honest weight.  (And if the lower weight was actually true, then I just gave myself a head start for next week).  And three pounds is spectacular!!!

This next week is starting and I’m motivated and determined yet again!  Two weeks of really nice success are behind me and I’m ready to make it three.  I’m not changing anything in my plan.  I’m simply planning on continuing the 12 week workout.  Is it simply the calorie count that I am consistently eating?  Or the exercise?  I don’t care what it is…it is just working!  So I’m continuing!!!!