Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Down but NOT out.

 I am still experiencing some issues with my back. Nothing debilitating, but just some lingering aches.  I was hoping to get back to zumba this week.  I had made it about a week without pain, felt wonderful.  So Sunday night I packed my gym bag with my clothes so that I could go straight after work.  Woke up on Monday morning.....PAIN.  Nothing major...more achy than anything...but not 100% up to snuff though. So I'm giving it another week.  I'm thinkign about heading to a chiropractor....this has been a month now. 

BUt the good news?   I HAVE restarted weight watchers and I'm holding it steady and I'm at the end of week two!  I'm gonna beat this weight again.  ANd this time, I am NOT going to regain!  NO WAY!