Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Years

Another year has gone by.  The beginning of the year signals a time for refection.  What a crazy year it has been! It has certainly been one of changes...  it has also been a year marked by stagnancy, and for that I’m not happy!  New’s time to make some changes!!!

Let’s break it down into different categories of changes and concepts that are/were important to me in 2018...

A Big Move
The biggest change for the year was the fact that Jason and I took the plunge and started looking for a place to live....together!!!  We found the perfect place and moved in on Easter weekend!   Wonderful decision!!  9 months later and I’m still happy as a clam!!! 

There are no plans to change this status.  We are happy with where we live and our apartment. 

My work is relatively the same.  I have accepted new responsibilities and tasks. This was extremely beneficial when they changed the job structure of my position at work.  I was moved from the lowest level to the highest level within my job title.  The nice raise that came with it was the best part!   I have been applying for other positions and applying myself in an effort to move up within the company.   I am getting great feedback from people I interview with, my managers and other people above me that has come in contact with I am hopeful that something will pan out.  (I have been told that I was approved for hire for one position...just waiting for that position to open...who knows how long that will be...).

  In the meantime, I just keep putting out my feelers and try to the best employee I can be.  Good things come to those that wait.

What can I say...I am in love...I love Jason more and more every day.  Living with him had been a great change in our relationship.  I was/am  tickled with my Christmas gift ..and the ‘promise’.  (Ok...I already knew that this was a forever thing...but hey, a ring/some bling is never a bad thing!!)

I do believe there will be another change in the relationship at some future point...a change for the better.....the next step beyond the promise ring!  But I am just sitting back and enjoying his company and love, knowing that when the time is right, it will happen!!

I tried!  I really did!  Not enough apparently, because I can feel my fitness levels weakening.  So what DID I do?  Let me bullet point what I did...simply because ..well it’s my post and I feel like it!
* I walked on my lunch breaks as much as the weather would allow (what a rainy wet year we have had!!)
* We rode our bikes most weekends throughout the summer...and after I purchased my new bike  we started to ride locally for about 30 minutes each night free work. (Until the time changed....darkness wasn’t our friend!)
* I started to wake up a half hour early to get some exercise/activity in before I left.  This worked until my hours at work changed to earlier hours.  
* I managed to accomplish some runs outside.  Each and every time I was reminded of how much I miss it.

This has GOT to change this year.  I don’t like feeling unfit!  I don’t like feeling winded upon climbing the stairs to our third floor apartment. (Yes I’ve been feeeling winded lately and it scares me....however, I do think that could have been an upper respiratory situation that is finally after a long long build up... coming to a head and working it’s way out of my sustem.)

I am sadly enough ending the year in the same 3 pound range that I was in when I started the year.  I had about two months where I was losing...I lost 15 pounds...and then I fell apart.  I regained what I lost over the summer and now I sit struggling!

This is another none negotiable change that has to occur for me this year!   I’m tired of being overweight!  I’m tired of it all!  The only way to NOT be tired of it is to change my behavior in order to change the results!  I have motivation galore!  I have a promise ring..and the hope of more to come!  I have a tentatively planned vacation for this year .and the thought of a bigger one in a few years  I have a vision of how I want my life to be...and fat doesn’t play a role!!! 

So where does that leave me?  While I’m not in love with my job, I am in the right path.  Jason and I are doing well and we take the time to protect and build what we have. Those two things are covered and I’m happy with. The areas for improvement are in the weight and fitness arena!  

It’s time to take the bull by the horns.  Back to basics!  That means tracking my food and  holding my food to a specific calorie goal.  Every day!   It’s time 
to make fitness a priority again ( soon as I am not sick and this feeling like a dump truck ran over me is no longer present!). It means making the changes necessary to be the Maryfran that I envision!!!