Tuesday, December 04, 2007

This morning my weight was sitting at 183.4. Not my lowest. But, that should be a maintain or somewhere in the vacinity of a maintain. Yes, I have my goal to be 175 by New Years. But, realistically speaking, if I can make it through this rough birthday/holiday month with a maintain, I'll be satisfied. HOWEVER, I got to work at around 10Am. Shortly thereafter, I started to notice that every half hour or so I'd have to run to the bathroom. What's up with this. I usually only have problems 'holding' my water when I'm dehydrated. The day following a 'low drink' day I usually have to run to the bathroom constantly. I didn't have a low water consumption day yesterday...so why is my water running straight through me. Could I still have been somewhat dehyrdated for whatever reason???? I'm crossing my fingers...because with me drinking today.....and the constant trips to the bathroom to get rid of it...could mean a lower weight on the scales tonight! Dare I dream????