Monday, February 03, 2020

Weigh in time: first week back at WW

So my first week of being back on weight watchers has passed.  And the big did I do!!!!

I worked the plan.  I stayed within my points!  I did exactly what the plan called for in terms of my food!

I exercised!  I got in morning stationary bike rides!  I walked at lunch!  We hiked!

I lost 4.4 pounds!  

I am absolutely tickled! That is a fabulous weight loss!  Now to just keep that downward trend going!  I’m still on the plan and working it!   The nerves are here as I worry about my weigh in this upcoming week and my ‘performance’.  Oh heavens...I have performance anxiety about my weigh in!   Hahaha

A weight loss journey isn’t easy...but this last week was a winner!!!