Thursday, January 10, 2019

Week in review : first week

Welcome to Friday, the perfect day to really dream and look forward to the weekend before me!  (Ok ok ok, so I start looking forward to the weekend on Monday mornings...but on Fridays the dreaming gets serious!).  Friday is also the perfect opportunity to recap my experiences over the week and to check in on my monthly goal for January  and how I’m doing!

I have four basic goals for January....
1.  Track every bite of food
2.  Put money into my savings
3.  Weight less than I do now!  I don't care if it's a measly ounce...I want to weigh less!
4.  Do something active (a walk suffices) at least 3 times a week.

I am so very proud to say that I have nailed the tracking!   And I nailed it good!   I have tracked every stinking morsel that went into my mouth...and I tracked honestly...I didn’t underestimate or anything!  I am so on target with this one that it’s crazy!   I had a minor glitch one night when myfitnesspal was acting the fool and wouldn’t let me add anything....but waiting a few hours and then trying again did the trick!!  (And yes...I was a bit panicked when it wasn’t working because...seriously...this is one goal that I have COMPLETE control over and I didn’t want to mess it up!)

Savings?  Well I haven’t had a paycheck yet this it came in.  I plan on moving some money to savings right off the bat (tomorrow when I sit down and pay some bills)..but it hasn’t been done yet, simply due to timing!  

Weigh less?   So far so good...I lost 1.8 pounds in the first days of I’m on target.    I am watching my weight and I’ve been sitting at the same weight lost all week (maybe one day or so where I had a slight uptick on the scale). I am hoping that the old pattern of weight loss from last summer holds true and that Saturday morning shows a nice loss!!  (I have an official mid week weigh in on Wednesday...that I share that weight with a friend who weights in at weight watchers on that day and that showed down 1.8 pounds...and I have my official official weigh in on Saturday!)

Activity goal?  I’ve failed miserably!  I was sick the first few days and remain a bit congested.  It’s been a tad rainy....a tad cold  outside and sprinkle that with a lot of excuses and you have me having walked/hiked only twice in the last 10 days!  I have honestly tried to do the steps more at work as I had to traverse between two floors at work throughout the day.   And just yesterday I reinstated the climb from the lobby to my work floor (8 flights) on my breaks/lunch. (Starting slow...not every break yet, but I’m starting!  

The weekend looms grandly before me.   I know we will get out (if possible) with the drone.  We finally received the extra batteries so he will have close to an hour of flight time versus 20 minutes.   I plan on going and walking/running while he flies his drone!   We have talked about finding a school track and field to go to for that dual purpose!   It is our grocery week so we have that errand.  But even bigger?  They are forecasting snow.  Just a couple of inches...but since we will both be home and not at work, we SHOULD be able to get outside and play!!!!  It should be a fun and active weekend!!!

So I displayed a mixed bag of victory and non-victories for the first week!   It wasn’t all bad, thank heavens!   The non-victory of exercise just gives me room for improvement!!!  But now the serious work begins....I’m past the newness and easiness of the first week or so of a new plan.  Now is when it gets serious!