Wednesday, February 01, 2012

january report

First things first.  This morning forgot to weigh myself ...until i was ready to walk out the door.  Kicked my shoes off but didn't have time to strip down to completely au natural (which is how I normally weigh myself).   January turned out to be exactly a 10 pound month (well, actually probably a bit more than 10 pounds as I was wearing clothes!)

I don't know where yesterdays post came from.  Maybe just finally wording it.   I'm not in any dire straights.  I'm sad.....a lot.  I don't know how to get myselsf extracted from some situations. (hello I need a new job..that would solve it...but there isn't much hiring that would fit my needs/qualifications/etc) and some situations I really have no control over.  I just have learned to take care of myself. 

That's WEDNESDAY!   And it's my half day wednesday.  And it's gorgeous outside!  Hoepfully I can get in a walk outside between getting off work at noon and the dentist appointment at 1:50.  :-)  (just a cleaning).  And hopefully zumba this evening.