Monday, May 11, 2015


Running this trip around is not proving to be easy.  I don't know what's up.   Back in March I did the fast track training plan to be prepared to run that 10k and I was actually prepared...ok maybe not prepared but I could run 6 miles!   My body accepted the added miles and all was good.

So fast forward to now.   My body is just not accepting the miles.  I'm struggling to get two measly miles done.   I can't even run those two measly miles.  Seriously!    My legs ache and it's just not pretty!  

Weight...this is probably the absolute highest weight that I have been while attempting to run. food is still not under control, while I may be eating at least closer to my caloric goal, it's not healthy nutritious food much of the time. (smarties are nutritious right???) ankle still aches a bit....nuff said.

So somehow, someway I will power/struggle through the 5k next weekend. (Walk it??). And I have got to fix these known issues.