Wednesday, December 09, 2020

A new Family Member

We have a new family member...but let me introduce you to my full family!

Obviously there is Jadon and I!

We have Mertz the cat.

We have BoBo the Betta fish.

We have three Hermit Crabs (and are contemplating getting one or two more from a hermit crab rescue since we have the room in our terrarium and it would be no extra work!)

And over this past weekend we added a new member to our family.

As yet the new member is unnamed.

Yes, we got a high Red green Cheek Conure.   Mertz is very curious about the bird...but doesn’t seem ready to attack.  But we are watching and working to get her trained and able to live harmoniously with a bird.   The bird...makes it difficult because we are pretty sure that he is trying to antagonize her!  (He just wants to be friends!)

Welcome to the family Mr. Birdy!