Friday, November 30, 2007

The last day of November

I'm getting ready to usher in the month of December. I'm sitting here looking at my computer screen and I can see the sticky note that I put on the edge of the monitor at the beginning of the month. I was 187 pounds and I had a goal of 175 pounds to reach by January first. As of this morning I was at 183.6. That means I have a little more than 7 pounds to lose by the end of the month. 31 days (ok, 32 if I include today.) That's a lot of pounds. We are talking of a consistant 2 pounds a week. I could do it! Will it be difficult...VERY!

I had to run to the store to buy cat liter yesterday morning. I bought three packs of gum! I plan on chewing gum while I bake tonight. I'm baking for two dessert trays that I am taking to two different christmas functions/parties. I hope that will keep me from eating the dough uncontrollably! I know that I'll probably end up eating a bite of each dough. I'm honest enough with myself to know that it will happen. SOOOO I've planned low points meals for today to compensate for any cookie dough I may end up eating. Hopefully the gum will work 100 percent though! :-)

As for the parties. Tomorrow night will be a full that one will be rough as they almost NEVER have healthy things at their parties/meals. Not to mention that the food is there to nibble on ALL night! Sunday night is just refreshments. I think I may be able to manage that one better!

On to better subjects. My weight was back to 183.6 this morning! I'm almost back to my lowest ever weight...which was 182.8.

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