Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Shifting my Focus

A new week a new start...that should have been my title for this post!  But....I have had that title, or something like that soooo many times that I just couldn’t bear to do it!  So shifting focus....

Last week was a really rough week in my weight loss journey.   I totally stopped .....oh I didn’t go totally off the rails.   I stopped watching and focusing on my fruits and veggies.   Water?  What’s that!   And when I went back and randomly checked the calories on some days I was amazed to find myself in the correct range.   Notice I said when I went back randomly. Yeah, I didn’t track!

I struggled to write anything.  I struggled to make any videos.  I struggled to share my ...well my struggle.  As my angst grew my frustration followed in intensity.  This journey is difficult!  This journey to lose weight is one of the hardest things I have ever done!    It’s definitely not for the faint at heart!

I was sitting at my desk yesterday at work and looking over at my closet of crafts and hobby supplies.  (Mostly dollhouse stiff but also camera gear).  I knew that I just needed to step away from my YouTube channel for my weight loss journey.  It is too cumbersome at the moment.  It is too much. I spend hours with comments.  I spend time planning, filming and editing my videos.  I feel as if my recent videos are slapped together and not well done.  And that bothers me.   I knew that it was time to step back.  I plan on posting a ‘taking some time’ video’ just to note what is happening. and I do plan on returning.  But I need to step back and refocus on what is important.....me.    That doesn’t mean that I am quitting my journey. It just means that I am going back to the basics.  Focusing on me.  I am not walking away from this site either.  I will be continuing to chronicle my fluctuating journey here.   And I plan on just being me.

I am totally at peace with this decision for the moment.  At least until the desire and creativity kick back in and at that time it will be the time to reevaluate.

We had a good weekend.   We got in a nice long bike ride.

We actually went about 20 miles on the canal.  My legs were a bit sore at the end. And my butt..I didn’t realize how sore that was until Monday when I sat my behind on the exercise bike seat.  OUCH!   But it was a fabulous day to be outside!  (And I didn’t let the sore butt deter me from my required miles on Monday...for those down also!)

Weeven saw an owl...up close and personal!  There were a bunch of photographers there taking pictures so we stopped and watched for a bit also.

I am frustrated beyond belief.  I’m sick of this journey.  But I am not icing up.  I know I can do it, I’ve done it before.   I can do this!!!