Wednesday, February 23, 2022

I must win!

I think I found a great long term motivation to lose weight.     I made a challenge of sorts with Jason last night.....there will be a reward/punishment when I reach my goal weight (180 pounds).   We shook on it and I'm now determined to win my prize!   

I am very competitive.....very competitive!   This was evidenced with a few challenges that Jason and I had with running back in 2016.   You see back in 2016 I was running a lot!  Jason made the comment that he would like to start running...he hadn't run in years.   Somehow, we made a bet /challenge.   Whoever ran the most miles in a week would be the winner and be able to claim the prize.   And let me tell you, the prize was a doozy!  (Jason may have had a few beers in him at that point!)  I was determined to win!  I would push myself to make sure that I was ahead of him. I did everything I could to make sure I won!  (Nothing underhanded! I wanted to win fair and square.)  I didn't want to be the loser on that bet!    I worked hard and I won! When I say that the losers fee was a doozy.....I am not kidding around!  It was a HUGE doozy!  In fact, it is so huge and so preposterous that I doubt I will EVER demand payment.  But even today....5 years later, I still remind him that I can still claim my prize at any time!  You see, I won the bragging rights....and those bragging rights will last a lifetime!   We did multiple running bets around that time.....and I lost some and won some.  We had a lot of fun with it!  And it REALLY works for me because I am so competitive.

So, what is this big bet?

Last night Jason and I were watching some back episodes of this seasons of The Amazing Race.  In the episode we were watching, the contestants were taken to a large (high) dam and had to bungee jump off the bridge.  You could see the fear in some of the contestants' eyes, body language and words. We giggled and Jason freely admitted that if we were in that position, that would be him.  You see, he is not a big fan of heights.  Sure, we hike up mountains and check out overlooks!   I have posted tons posts about our hikes. But Jason does not get to the edge....and endeavors to keep me as far from the edge as possible.  There is no standing near the edge....or even sitting!  (Which is actually ok with me as I have proven that I am not the nimblest on my feet!  

But as we watched these contestants jumping....we talked and discussed the concept.  Could we do it if we had to??   I bit my togue because I almost said "When I reach my goal weight, I will do it!"  I laughed about it internally for a few minutes and then told Jason what I had almost said.   We laughed and somehow...someway it turned into a challenge.  "When MaryFran reaches her goal weight Jason will bungee jump".    Ohhh weee!!!!!!  How exciting!     We nailed down how much weight I have to lose and we agreed on the 180 pounds I had been at (doctor recommended weight) when I made Lifetime at Weight Watchers as my goal weight.  And at that point, I held out my hand for the handshake.  He hesitated.....but he shook on it!   (Oh shouldn't make bets/challenges  when you have had a few beers!!!!)

So the bet is on!  I Will win this bet!  I may not ever make him actually do it.  (Remember, I have another bet that I have no intention on collecting but I LOVE to hold it over his head....and he knows I won't collect...but it is still fun to 'own' it!)   But maybe...I will collect my bet this time.  And maybe...just maybe I will do my own jump!

Either way...I have about 70-75 pounds to lose.....because I WANT those bragging rights as the winner!