Monday, November 30, 2020

Post Holiday Weigh in

It is time to face the music for my post holiday weigh in.  I don’t want to, but I know I have to. I don’t want to see what I weighed in at for my official thanksgiving holiday weigh in.  But my official weigh in day here goes!

I was strong for those first days of the week!  I stayed with my normal routines and habits and did great!  I worked up a plan for my thanksgiving day!  I knew that I wouldn’t be bubbling as I prepared food!   I knew that I was only going to have one plate of food.  I also knew that I was going to eat primarily vegetables...and splurge on the stuffing (which is what I wanted most for that meal!).   I nailed my plan!   I calculated my calories and I absolutely nailed Thanksgiving Day!!!

We got out and hiked and explored a bit over the weekend.  We went to the Monterey Pass’s in Blue Ridge Summit, PA.  I never knew about this battlefield.  So it was interesting!!!!

I was also off work on Friday.  Jason had to work so I went back to Hagerstown to visit my family....where there was a lot of leftovers.   I didn’t go into that day with a plan.  I already mentioned that I was so looking forward to the stuffing...there was more stuffing on Friday!  I also had been really looking forward to the turkey salad that we made with the leftovers.    I had some at my house before I went to Hagerstown...I ate some more for a second breakfast at my mom’s house and I ate more for lunch with my leftovers.  I just fell apart totally!!!

The weekend was a normal weekend of eating...but on Sunday I was so hungry.   I’m not sure why!  But I was and I ate too much that day also!

So I was worried about my weigh in!  Rightfully so!  I gained 1.6 pounds!   Grrrrr. My average weight for the week (my weight from every day added together and divided to give myself a true picture of my weeks efforts). I dropped 0.2 .   So I can take comfort in that....

It was one day.  And I know that.  But I am concerned. My birthday and a long weekend is only 2 short weeks away....and Christmas is only 4 weeks away.  My birthday I should be able to do ok on...but Christmas...yikes!   But this is life.  Life and weight loss don’t make for an easy journey.  I’m not giving up!  So I will weather the storms and move forward regardless...and learn from my mistakes!!!