Thursday, August 01, 2013

Don't Wait

Finally....July is over.   I was waiting with bated breath for that horrible month to be behind me.  I know that I'm still dealing with the fallout of July, which is why I sat with my foot on ice after zumba last night.  (and why I will roll my foot on that same frozen bottle of water...refrozen of course after running tonight.)   I couldn't wait for July to be over so that I could have a fresh start.

But I didn't wait until August to have my fresh start.  I planned my eating and kept it totally under control on July 30th.  I also ran on the 30th.  I carried that trend on with July 31.  I ate within my caloric budget and went to zumba.  I am now rolling into that fresh start with two days of 'fresh start' under my belt before the new month really even gets going.

So many times we say "I'll start on Monday"  or "I'll start with the new month, or the new year or whatever"   There is no time like NOW to start.  No excuses.    Excuses don't help us reach our dreams and goals.   Going out after those goals and dreams are what causes them to happen.

So today starts my next monthly challenge to propel myself 200 miles.  That's 50 miles a week.  I typically do about 10-15 on my bike...about 3 times a week.....I'm hoping to get back to where I was with running which was about 10-12 miles a week.  Plus random walks interspersed through the week.   So I should be be able to accomplish this goal!