Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Ok….the scoop.   

I started the month at 247.2 (and the year)

Two weeks ago I was 244.  

Last week with the ick and whatever I was at 246 and some change

Today I was at 245.2.


So……a victory for this one week….. with a loss of 0.8

A Victory for the month with a loss of 2 pounds

A fail in that I didn’t recoup last weeks ‘ick’ weigh gain.

A fail in that 2 pounds for the month is NOT MUCH…not to mention that 2 pounds for two months is worse!


What gets me is that I am a creature of habit….I eat pretty much the exact same thing week in and week out. (That will change some when we move…especially since Jason is seriously talking about reviving his plan to start juicing…for breakfast and lunch….and then a normal dinner…which will be healthier since we will be eating at home and cooking versus going out….and yes we are excited about it!)  But back to the creature of habit.  I ate the same to things for those first two weeks that I ate the last two weeks.  It’s NUTS!  But then who said that weight loss efforts were sane and full of common sense!


But I’m not giving up….I will figure out this insanity!

Meanwhile Jason and I continue to pack and purge and prepare for our move!!!  And well...some fun here and there too!!