Friday, May 06, 2011

where did my self control go

This week has been horrible.  I have had grand plans everyday to be totally perfect with my eating.  But then something happens and it all goes to pot.  I guess my first problem is expecting and planning for perfection.  Life is NOT perfect.  Life this week came in the guise of donuts being brought to us by customers...not once...but TWICE.   Yeah, I indulged.  Life this week came in the guise of a mandatory training after work in which they provided us with pizza and cookies and only provided regular soda and nothing diet.  Yeah, I indulged. Life this week came with evenings at home alone where I just ate without conscience thought.    Life this week came with every morning my husband asking for breakfast foods such as pancakes, waffles, two breakfasts out.  I had grand plans but I just failed.  Life. 

So life today is starting out differently.  I woke up and was so tempted to not pack my lunch and join my co-workers on our weekly Friday order out food for lunch fun.  I didn't though. I packed my lunch.  A nice healthy lunch of summer salad  and fruit.    I got to the parking lot and was sitting waiting for my co-worker to come inside.  I was playing around on my cell phone and talking to a friend (also a customer where I work) and she heard taht I was woring early and she offered to go pick up donuts for us.  Ohhh I was so tempted. I could taste the warm (yeah, they would still be warm most likely) glaze on my tongue.  But I gathered my self control and regretfully declined the offer.  Yay me.