Sunday, December 28, 2014

Donut Miles

Christmas has come and gone. It's over.  Part of me is relieved.  Emotionally it was an interesting holiday as everything in my life is upside down and different.  However, other than some tears here and there it was a good one.  I know my trigger points that set me to crying and while I can't avoid them, I at least know it's gonna happen.  ha ha ha

On the evening of the 23rd, I ended up having dinner with my friend Paula and then she and I headed to Krumpe's Donuts to pick up a sweet treat.  I bought donuts for my family and also for my coworkers.  You see, we had to work on Christmas Eve and I thought donuts would be a nice treat.  So I picked up some yummy Krumpe's Donuts. (If your ever in Hagerstown, MD I would highly recommend getting some!!!)  
As Paula and I talked about our weight, dieting woes we somehow came up with a wild hair brained idea.  For every donut that each of us ate, we would run a mile as 'punishment' (ok or as just a challenge).   It sounded like a great plan that night while we were waiting in the line in the back alley donut shop!   It was brilliant plan!  Awesome in fact.  Until I got a text at about 40 minutes after Paula and I bade each other good night.  I was a picture text and it showed my co-conspirator eating a donut.  Where was her self control????? Mile one!   I laughed and went to bed.  Don't be thinking I was all that  noble.  The only reason I didn't eat a donut that night (hot and fresh from the donut shop...yum) was that I had been eating so badly that my stomach was hurting from being stuffed!!!    I woke up early to get ready to go to work.  I opened up the home box and pulled out a red velvet donut.  A picture was sent to Paula to commemorate mile two!  

And boy was that donut worth every step of a mile! Red Velvet cake donut.  Delish!    I got dressed and headed to work.  I had a momentary thought of actually not eating any more donuts.  Yes, I was going to cut myself off after one mile donut.  And then I remembered that my manager and I were in this donut thing together and that she was arriving with chocolate milk.  Of course I had to have a donut with my chocolate milk!!!   I chose a peanut butter donut.  Once again....sooo worth it.   Add another mile to the tally.  We are now up to 3 miles.    I got a text from Paula telling me that donut 4 was planned to serve as her lunch.   

I sooooo wanted to eat another donut.  There was another red velvet donut (which was the flavor of the month of December so it's not like I can go back and get another one in a month or two) that was calling my name.  I pondered.  Really?  I didn't want to be the one that pushed us over 4 miles.  If I knew that Paula was having a third donut, I would be more than happy to eat a third...but there was no way that I was going to push us into that realm.  I held firm and didn't have the donut!  

We sat at 4 donuts miles the rest of the day. I sent the leftover work donuts home with my manager for her daughters and went home.   It was difficult because there was still a red velvet donut in the box at home.  I have to admit, I opened that box more than once.  I plotted in my head over and over how I could eat that donut and NOT have to run the extra mile.  No solution came to mind so I didn't eat it.   Late that night, I received another picture via text.   Oh yes, she ate her third donut which was our donut mile number 5!   I was ready to cave.  On Christmas day I was ready to eat that last red velvet donut and whaddya know?   It was thrown away!  ha ha ha    
Paula and I went out yesterday to attend to our miles. The plan was to run the miles.  (or run/walk the miles. However, as sometimes happens, the running didn't happen.  It was one of those days where we needed the talk time and we kept saying we would run at the next 1/2 mile interval but when that came we would be in the middle of a deep conversation and we would push it off until the following 12 mile interval.  Over and over this happened.   I'm sad to say that we didn't RUN our donut miles...but we did however walk them.  (ok, we walked 4 of them......we ran out of time so we still owe that last mile!) 

I'm not exactly 100% on track with my eating.  But in the last two days I've been SOOOOO much better!  I'm not sick to my stomach and I am eating more fruits and veggies.  So progress!

I will leave you with my nephew and Mertz.  Not a bad picture for a cat that has for most of her life lived in seclusion,  Not by my choice...but by her choice.  She just preferred her own company!