Monday, October 22, 2018

Vacation: the end

We had decided to split our 9 day vacation into three segments.  That decision proved to be an awesome one for us.   You can  read and see pictures from the first sections in the following links! We started off at the beach and had a wonderful time!   It was really hard to leave the beach and that is the only regret...that we didn’t take an extra day there (mostly because Jason was fighting some illness for the first two days there and he didn’t get to thoroughly enjoy it!).   After one night at home we drove to the mountains and spent some time hiking and enjoying the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains.   We were home by Wednesday evening late and ready to start in on the final phase of vacation.....relaxation!!!

We didn’t break down into total relaxation.  We still did some walking...quite a bit on Thursday actually.   We went out geocaching to a park that has something like 20 caches we hiked all the trails to get to them!  Netted around 5 miles of walking and some cool pics that day!

We also took a day to do all the normal errands to prepare to return to work.  Stuff like groceries and other adult responsibilities.

We watched a lot of movies at home...and even hit up the movie theater...twice.  We carved pumpkins and enjoyed each other’s company.  We relaxed and just tried to recharge our batteries.
But alas....the vacation had to end.  The last day of vacation was a bummer for me.  I felt like I had been hit by a train!   I think it was part depression that the end of vacation had arrived...but I was also fighting off whatever Jason had been struggling with earlier!   Yeah, I slept quite a bit of the last day of vacation away!  Literally!   We did get out and hiked for about 3  short miles before I was completely wiped out!

But like I said...vacation ended!

With the end brings a new beginning.  I’m NOT looking forward to returning to work.  However I AM excited about getting back into the swing of things and actually losing weight.  (I am ending my vacation one pound higher than I was at the doctor’s office last month...which isn’t bad because it’s the monthly ick water retention AND I know I’m dehydrated from not drinking enough water!!) We have both vowed that our diets and our activity levels will be different upon returning to ‘normal’ life.  The food plans are in place. Now I just need to get the activity routine going!  The activity was to start today..Monday...but with how I felt yesterday I felt it wise to sleep as long as possible this Monday morning.  But activity will soon commence!!!