Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well....I'm holding steady.... 183.6 this morning. I'm not worried aboutthe .2 of a pound. I'm just tickled to be holding steady. :-)

Today should be a good day for me.....activity wise. The plan is for me this morning to run the chipper. When I need a break, I'm going to continue painting the house! (white with red trim.........I'm just attacking it 10-20 feet at a time...yeah, it will look crazy half painted...but it will get done eventually). SO I'll be working all least that's the plan. I do also want to formally get some mileage in today...either a jog or a ride. :-)

Speaking of riding. I need to do a 'trial run' to the see exactly how long it takes me to ride my bike to work. This road is more hilly.....and a bit longer ...with no shoulders when compared to the road I took last year. Yeah, it's probably overkill..but I'd just feel more comfortable with biking to work if I had already done a 'test' run. :-)

Since I'm planning on doing a lot of manual labor today...I had an egg sandwich (two slices of low cal/high fiber bread, one egg and one piece of fat free cheese......3 points). I wanted to make sure that I got some protein thsi morning. :-) We are not sure what we are doign for eating today. We may break and go to lunch. HOwever, we may go for an early dinner at like 4. BUT then again...we may eat at home. I do have a mandatory meeting at the main branch for my 6:15. That will be an hour. They are going to have pizza for us. I plan on declining....If I"m going to eat pizza...I want it to be GOOD pizza. :-) And honestly, I'd enjoy it more in the company of my husband. :-) BUT for me to decline, I have to have either already eaten....or know EXACTLY what I'm eating afterwards. It's all in planning.....preparing mentally for the temptation.