Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Sameness

Typical Saturday. I got up early and rode the exercise bike for a a bit. Yeah, I know that Todd had mentioned going to the gym on the way to the grocery store, but I also know that those gym plans seemed to get cancelled a lot and I'm left with no exercise. Thus I decided to ride anyway and if I got a second workout in...great! I worked from 8AM until noon....BORING! But hey, I got my coupons in order for my afternoon grocery trip! Yes, I tell you, every Saturday is the same old same old isn't it? Yep, grocery shopping. (and I was right...we ended up NOT going to the gym!) I came home, prepared everything (chopped veggies for the salad, cleaned the fruit, made a few things and all is good). About the time that was done, it was time to make dinner! I made Todd Pecan Salmon. He said it was pretty good. I dont' eat seafood so I couldnt' tell you for sure...but I made him go into detail about the texture, moisture and I'm reasonably sure it tasted good. After dinner I realized that I hadnt' taken my picture of the day for the 365 I started playing with my that done. And now I'm just sitting here relaxing. I'm debating watching a movie (I've got What happens in Vegas to watch) or to read some more of my book...(it's an Iris Johanson book...The Face of Deception)....hmmmmmmm tough choice! Eating wise. I didn't do badly....a little high in carbs, but ok. weight 185.6