Monday, March 16, 2020


I am really trying to not babble excuses!  I swear, I am trying!  But what I am going to write sounds suspiciously like an excuse!  The excuse is not that I was as lazy as my cat either!!!!

I gained weight this week.  0.8 pounds of gain!   BOOO!   But yay...I honestly thought it was going to be more!

So let's get into the why......

Weekends are notoriously rough for me with my weight loss efforts.  I do so much better when I'm at work and packing my breakfast and lunch.  I eat what is packed and I don't deviate!   Weekends however are a free for all.  Dinners out.....desserts (sometimes) and just foraging for food for breakfast and lunch.  So imagine how you think I would do on a 5 day weekend! 

We had a death in the family and I had some bereavement time from work......and those five days were filled with lots  I had a donut.  I had a piece of peanut butter pie.  I had cake.  I had heavy meals at restaurants.  Seriously....I deserved a whole lot more than that 0.8 pounds! 

Now when I went back to work I did clean up my eating .....kinda.  The first day back I was super stressed out due to a presentation/interview.  That didn't help the eating...but I tried!

And in fairness.......the week my dad passed away, I gained....and I gained it could have been worse!

So what am I doing?  I weighed in and I accepted my gain.  I also sat back and said "no more"  this week it gets serious!   Now remember, I had cleaned up my eating a few days before my weigh in (pretty much the day I went back to work).  But I'm getting even more serious.  This is my time!!!!!